Amon Ra’s last six games

Crazy numbers for a six game stretch. Imagine if he had done that all year. It would have been an all time historic rookie season


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Kids a stud! - He’s going to have 100 catches for sure next year. Shit he almost got 100 this year. Maybe a 120.

Did you know that St. Brown’s 90 catches, put him at 6th all time for rookie receptions in a season. The guys ahead of him are named Waddle, Boldin, Michael Thomas, Beckham and Royal. Some impressive territory.

With the trust that Goff now has in st brown, Cephus, hockenson and Campbell I think we’re going to see a much better version of him next season. I’ll go on record that he’s going to surprise some people.


-Familiarity w/the playbook
-Knows how much he can/can’t trust OL
-Continuity w/OC and style, as well as what’s expected of him
-Timing and continuity w/WRs will come more quickly, as he already has time w/the current 3-4 that will carry over, and will only have to acclimate to the new guys.
-We’ll have a #1, possibly an upgrade at #2 as well.
-Knows what he can count on from the run game
-Knows more what the coaches want from him philosophically

Dude is more of a technician than a tough guy. I want a tough guy at QB, for sure. Is it okay to put that MF’r in martial arts in the offseason? If he was wired like a tough guy, I’d be perfectly okay with giving him more of a chance. Dude’s almost as soft as Rodney Peete was.


didn’t get win a playoff game last year with a broken thumb? that’s pretty tough-guy

For the Lions, it was an all time historic rookie season for a WR.

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I’ve said this before…he’s tough in terms of playing through injury.
he is NOT tough in man whoop a man type situation. Tolerance to pain tough is not the same as alpha energy that the team feeds off of.

Yes - tough to play w/a broken thumb.
Yes - weak AF to jump on the ground and fumble when pressure comes.
Yes - Weak AF to throw a ball out of bounds on 4th down instead of fighting for it and keeping a play alive.

Weak leadership


I’ve had similar thoughts. But also willing to give Goff another year. He is still pretty young and was put into a pretty poor situation and had to endure a coordinator/coach issue too.

If he came in with firecrackers up his ass it might have backfired

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New #1 WR. Cephus back. Hock healthy

SunGod will struggle to repeat his numbers.

He got fed like a #1 WR in that 6 game run.

Wont happen all year next, but will in a handful of games


That kind of toughness is what got Stafford a separated shoulder, a broken back and a body that’s probably not going to last into his forties. I’m OK with the occasional tactical retreat as long as we are winning. :man_shrugging:

…and a Super Bowl victory.

Same - agree. This is not the same thing. Difference between tactical retreat and running of fear. Energy is totally different.

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He is what he is. I’m more than ok with our offensive line being the tough guys for him. This should be the absolute best offensive line the lions have had my entire fandom. If our line is as good as I think they’ll be he doesn’t need to be a tough guy. He won’t be hit that much. :grin::+1:

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It’s true that if his big brothers stick up for him, he doesn’t need to be as much the big brother. Thing is, being a tough guy impacts the energy of the entire team.
Mindset difference of rest of the team in going to war w/your brothers…
“if I do everythign perfectly, there’s a possibility that he will be okay and he might not fuck it up for us.”
“We’ve got this badass MF’r on our team that gives us a great chance to win, no matter what is going on.”

That is how a leader impacts the team, imo. it’s not just about hard work, ability to play though injury, being smart enough to realize what’s going on out there. It’s like a RB who is a track guy that plays football vs a football guy that ran track just to stay fit in the offseason.

It’s the difference between Javonte Williams and Amber Abdula. Abdula had speed and plenty of talent, just not wired like a football player.

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I’ve got 2 handfuls. 10


I agree that Ra will not get as many catches. If he does, it’s not a good sign for our new #1 guy.

It won’t happen unless he IS the #1 WR, which he absolutely could be. With re to TE, extremely deep draft so I wouldn’t get one in FA, play Nelson in the 12 if you have a guy who needs time to ramp up. Here he is playing outside at USC…

I agree he is a stud, but I doubt he has same the success next year, unless we don’t address the WR position. He got alot of them targets because we had no one else. If we get 2 more quility WRs his targets will go down some.

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I don’t anyone here really thinks he’s a 1,500 yard WR. He’s more Robert Woods/Jarvis Landry than Cooper Kupp but that’s still an awesome haul in round 4.

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You are probably right, he exploded when Hock and Swift were out injured as well. So, he was getting a ton of targets down the stretch because we had very little else. But, with that said, we had no other weapons and he was still getting open constantly, which is great sign and Goff clearly had a connection with him. Heck, Tim Boyle did too. If you get open, QB’s love you and he can get open.

I still think he will be heavily involved next year. With a 17 game schedule, you only have to average 5 catches per game and you almost got 90 catches on the season.


The kid reminds me of Hines Ward.

I think he will be a 80-90 catch guy, with a 900 yrd guy.