Amon Ra St. Brown--Out to prove 2021 wasn't a fluke


He is no fluke. The kid is like 7/11, “open 24/7, 365 days per year”


Question is: can Jared Goff prove that the last 5 starts wasn’t a fluke?



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Go back to the article I posted about when decker came back… that and Reynolds changes the whole dynamics of the line and coverage and we flourished at all levels….

No one player ball out on Their own…

It’s a team thingie!!


Wait until we get Ragnow and Hock back. And add a talented WR in either free agency or the draft. The offense has the potential to be pretty good. The defense on the other hand, needs a ton of talent to be added yet.


Add another talented #2 te to list. I think this staff wants to add a starter caliber rookie there too. This draft is deep with them.

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Amon Ra has what it takes to be a 1,000 yard receiver. You can have all of the talent in the world, but if your QB and coaches don’t trust you, your number isn’t going to be called enough to reach that mark.

Guys like Kelvin Benjamin never “got it.” Not only did he not put the work into his craft, he didn’t show the QB and coaches he could be relied on enough to have his number called often. Josh Allen asked him to stay after practice and he declined. He was shipped out after that and it was his last year in the league. Meanwhile guys like Cooper Kupp and Stefan Diggs would wake up at 2am to drive 3 hours to shine the QBs shoes if that’s what they were asked to do.

I feel like Amon Ra has that kind of mentality, which enables his hard work to also translate into targets.


“I want all the coaches that passed up on me to regret it. That’s something that I love, them seeing me do great and them knowing they passed up on me is the feeling that I want them to never forget. I keep track of these receivers, also. I see what they’re doing, check their stats and just keep pushing,” St. Brown said.

Love how motivated the kid is! He’s got that chip on his shoulder that many of the greats had.


His season wasn’t a fluke.

However I do think he benefited heavily from being the only reliable target that Goff had.

I won’t be shocked if he finishes the 2022 season with similar or even fewer numbers. Especially if we get Hock back and draft a legit WR1.

They may not be enough balls to go around for him to duplicate that success very easily.


I’d love all of our guys feeling this disrespected!! :grinning:

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No fluke. This guy looks rock solid to me.


He had 119 targets in 2021. I think that is sustainable. I took a look back at 2016 since we had Anquan Boldin, Eric Ebron, Marvin Jones and Golden Tate all getting targets. Ebron was on the low end with 85 targets. Boldin had 95, Jones had 103 and Tate had 135. That was on 594 passing attempts, which is eerily similar to our 593 passing attempts we had in 2021.

Flipping it to the Rams, even with Cooper Kupp gobbling up nearly 200 targets they still had balls to go around. Robert Woods and OBJ basically swapped places, and the combo combined for 117 targets. And they still had enough balls left to get Van Jefferson and Tyler Higbee close to 90 targets each.


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