Analyst: Lions most improved NFL team

Awhile back I posted a thread about a bunch of analysts who pretty much panned the 2019 Lions. Well, here’s a guy that thinks otherwise. Who’s right? Dunno, but I do think the Lions have an improved team this year. Whether or not that translated into more wins remains to be seen. Anyway, here you go:

A panel of eight ESPN NFL experts offered their opinions on Monday as to the most improved team this offseason. One brave analyst, ESPN fantasy writer Mike Clay, chose the Detroit Lions.

“General manager Bob Quinn has quietly done a nice job filling voids on Detroit’s roster over the past few months,” Clay wrote. “Those moves included revamping the tight end position with Jesse James and first-round pick T.J. Hockenson, upgrading with Trey Flowers on the edge of the front seven, overhauling cornerback behind Darius Slay by signing Rashaan Melvin and Justin Coleman, and adding Day 2 talent at linebacker (Jahlani Tavai) and safety (Will Harris).”

That’s a pretty thorough recap of the Lions’ offseason strategy, and one we’re not really accustomed to seeing from a national outlet. The only major point Clay misses is the changing of offensive coordinators, which could honestly be viewed as a positive or negative. Obviously, it seemed it was time to move on from Jim Bob Cooter, but the transition to a new offense isn’t likely to click immediately.

But Clay doesn’t stop there. He thinks the Lions have improved enough to potentially capture their first division title in decades.

“Every year there is a team that goes from last to first in its division, and the Lions have a shot to be that team in a wide-open NFC North.”

Added: the other thing that wasn’t mentioned was the addition of Amendola. He seems to have already been a positive influence on Golladay, and maybe some others, aside from better results from the slot WR position. Which may not show up in the box score much, cuz I expect the Lions to be in 2TE and maybe even 3TE sets more often. And the addition of CJ Anderson over Blount HAS to be an upgrade. Ok fine, maybe I’m drinking too much koolaid, so sue me.


We are fans here. Pass the Kool aid.

If I didn’t have decades of history, I would be pretty excited. :slight_smile:


Imagine, in today’s NFL, our 2 TE’s, Galloday, a FB, Johnson, and Stafford.
Kenny Wiggins, Pro Up!
If not this team, what team?
If not now, when?!!!

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Good thing kool aid doesn’t cause liver damage …

Considering how much one has to drink just to get through the year, we’d need a Mega Thread for liver donations.


I replaced my liver with some microchips, a spare Fram oil filter lined with Drew Sharp articles past, and programming that converts alcohol directly to rage or depression.

Thinking of opening some drive-thru surgery centers in old Quaker State lube shop locations. 30 Minutes or Less!


Come on, now. We haven’t gotten to the heavy drinking part of the season, yet.
Besides, weed is legal now. Fry your lungs, not your liver.


@Notfishnsunday is right. Preseason game 3 hasn’t started. That’s always the official launch of drinking season.


Den member discounts i hope…