Andre Ware named worst quarterback for the lions in the Super Bowl era

Andre Ware named the worst quarterback for the lions in the Super Bowl era.
June Jones scouted him and told the Lions Andre Ware couldn’t hit the ocean if he was standing on the beach speaking about Ware’s accuracy.
Jeff Komlo and Daunte Culpepper might have arguments.

Tough call, there’s plenty to choose from.

Personnally, Scott Mitchell was my most hated. Such a great team and were led by this Bozo!

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I agree. Scott Mitchell blocked any chance of a Super Bowl run.
That team certainly had the pieces.

Ty Detmer? Mike McMahon?
So many scrubs.

But yeah, Ware was as tragic a miss as Darko.

Chuck Long.

Long spared me several years of Lions torture.
I started watching football regularly beginning in 1985 when the Bears won the Superbowl. In 1986 I’m seeing Darryl Rodgers and Chuck Long on the Lions sideline. Over on the AFC games, I’m seeing Dan Marino and the Chuck Norris of football, John Elway. I instantly became a Broncos fan and was right up until Elway retired. So, you see, if it weren’t for the imagery of Rodgers and Long on the sideline, I might have adopted them right away, extending my misery even deeper into my past.

I love these threads. Always fun to walk out the back of the memory end zone


The fact Erik Kramer has had the most playoff success of any Lions QB should tell you how bad the Lions QBs have been

I remember being so pumped when the Lions snagged Mitchell.

Mitchell had a season where he led the Lions to the number one offense. Then guys like Lomas Brown deliberately allowed opposing linemen to injure him.

Still have nightmares in Philly from 95. That team could of made a run too they were red hot going into that game. I hated his guts ever since.

The fact that Kramer has the only playoff wins tells you the QB situation has been purely putrid since the SB era.

The Lions have never had a QB lead the league in any positive category. The Lions have had QBs lead the league in pass attempts but that is it.
The Lions have had 2 Pro Bowl seasons and 0 All Pro seasons the 54 SB era seasons.
I know Pro Bowls aren’t the end all, but it’s a good starting point. The only other franchises that are as near to as pathetic are the Ravens (2 Pro Bowls, 1 All Pro) who have only been around since 1996, Bucs (4 Pro Bowls) who have been around since 1976, Jags (4 Pro Bowls) who have been around since 1995.

That leaves the only franchise that has probably been as bad as the Lions: the Bears (2 Pro Bowls). If not for Stafford, the Lions would indeed be the absolute worst out there for QBs in the SB era.

Stoney Case.

Drew Stanton was terrible here.

Danny Orlovsky was bad too.

Eric Hipple…had moments but overall bad.


" A good clean shot by … ".

With a foot out of bounds yet. Today, it’s second degree murder.

You’d be blind raging mad and pop people out of bounds if you wore a Creamsicle uniform too…