Andrew Thomas

Convince me Quinn will pass up this kid if Chase is gone.Thomas is a amazing LT prospect that has unbelievable measurables and consistent elite play against top talent every week.Move Decker to RT and have your LT spot locked up for the next 5 years.Please before you blast me do some research on him I promise you will come away impressed.He just seems like a Quinn type pick!!


He absolutely seems like a BQ type pick. One problem for BQ is that if he survives this offseason he beat win next year. He knows that he’s in a win now mode. Drafting an OT early in the draft is a pick that won’t have much immediate impact. Rookie OL rarely step in and play at a high level.

My guess is that BQ will be looking to draft players that can help him win now. If he doesn’t than he will likely be unemployed.

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Ideally the giants beat the skins next week and Washington ends up at 2 and the lions at 3. Washington could end up taking Thomas and let young fall into our laps.

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Young wants to return to Ohio state so we might not get the chance.

I love this plan to take a new LT every 4 years. Its really working out great so far.:laughing:


Maybe he will pull a Sam Bradford and go back to school if could end up a Lion. Lol

So, what’s your plan? Just to keep trotting out a mediocre LT and a terrible RT and hope it fixes itself? Good tackles are VERY hard to find in the free agent or trade market. You have to keep drafting them until you get a good one.

Wont be mad with either Thomas or Brown.


yep, I think this is going to be a ‘win now’ so he might even get more aggressive and possibly trade up or down to get impact players

I can see the being aggressive argument makes sense and a OT usually isnt that guy but if your QB plays the whole year that helps you win now…:wink:


Better protection for Matt, at a bare minimum. Also, w/Decker shifting to right side would upgrade that position. This could allow us to use TEs differently, as well as improve the running game. Mathew would be lethal, in this scenario. Still can use depth at WR and OL, if we do that, but the offense, with any luck at all with health would be awesome.

I’m still in the camp that a pocket-destroying DT would be of most impact, and I get most excited about Brown.

As bad as our defense is, we really don’t blow contain much. We contained Murray, Wentz, Mahommes, Rodgers, and others. We have done a nice job of keeping the edge on defense. Blowing the pocket up would be great for Flowers. If we could find a sack artist to play opposite Flowers, as well as pressure from the middle, I would be so happy.

I feel like Brown would help DBs be a lot better, help LBs stay clean, and have a lot of great ripple effect to help the other guys’ jobs be much easier.


Our problem isn’t pass blocking. It’s run blocking. Can he get push on 3rd and 1? Can he get push on 1st down? Can someone tell me?

pass blocking isn’t a problem? sure Stafford would disagree. being he’s injured almost every season.

The Vikings seem to be okay with one of our old mediocre tackles. Call me crazy, but maybe just stick with the guy we’ve got so we dont have to waste a 1st round pick on another LT every 4 years?

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That’s fine for that side, but just FYI, Rick Wagner is awful and shouldn’t wear an NFL uniform a day longer and I’m not sure anyone else on the roster that plays OT belongs in the league. We need another tackle bad. Maybe we can get one on day 2 of the draft, but it’s a pretty big need, IMO.

If this isn’t a defense heavy draft, Quinn might as well start packing. The Oline while not the best in the league, has done a pretty good job with 2nd, 3rd, 4th string players, and even practice squad players.
The Dline, is a train wreck. Fully half of them need to be replaced and the other half are decent backups.


I can’t disagree with you there. And yes, Quinn should start packing now. This team has a shit ton more holes to fill now, than 4 years ago. I’m honestly baffled that this isn’t discussed more. Maybe someone can justify how this roster is better, but I just don’t see it.

So please give us insight. When did Stafford get hurt? Was it a run or pass? Sacks happen. But we’re always been in 2nd and 3rd and long situations that are caused by an anemic run game. The Lions have been rated as one of the better pass blocking OLs (research that).

I do not have an issue with going out and getting another tackle. I’m just tired of this revolving door where we keep drafting 1st round left tackles over and over. If the coaches can’t make it work unless we have five 1st round picks on the line, it’s time to move on from the coaches.

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This LT’s feet look different than any I’ve seen. Watch him mirror the DE. Looks flawless.