Another argument for Bijan

Lions RBs are first in the league for dropped passes with 13. Broncos are 2nd with 12, then Bills with 10

One of Swifts drops would have been a walk in against the Bills that could have been the difference for us to win the game

Swift has 4 drops, Jackson has 4, Williams has 3, and Cabinda and Reynolds have 1. Jackson and Williams have a 25% drop rate and Cabinda is an absurd 100%

Bijan is a legit pass catching threat. This article is a little outdated but…

Is Texas Sensation Bijan Robinson a Perfect RB Prospect? >

“Robinson’s 85.4-percent catch rate is an 86th-percentile number among backs with aDOTs above the 0.5 mark. Upon securing those balls, Robinson is turning upfield and making things happen at an elite level. His 12.1 YAC per reception is an 88th-percentile mark.”

“Per PFF, he’s lined up in the slot or out wide on 13.5-percent of passing plays (76th-percentile) and sees an average depth of target of 0.7 yards (64th-percentile). He’s being asked to run actual routes. And he’s doing a good job of securing the ball consistently while doing so”


While I think Bijan would be a good fit on the roster, it’s all about value.

I think 6 is too high and he may be gone at 18. That could all change as we get closer to draft day and we start getting some leaks as to what staffs really think of these guys. Trayvon Walker wasn’t in play for #1 overall until very close to the draft. When he got leaked the Jags were interested, he shot up draft boards.

Then all the media types talk about how someone’s draft stock is rising or falling. The reality is their draft stock hasn’t changed, the general public just didn’t have a clue what their “draft stock” really was.


I’m all about getting a “Todd Gurly” type back production wise. Give this offense a dynamic RB and look out.


One of the reasons I proposed Josh Whyle TE, Cincinnati, to replace Cabinda. We save 2 million by dropping Cabinda and we get a guy who isn’t a project as a lead blocker or a TE.

So, we get a FB who can actually catch the ball, one of our 6th round picks. I would also draft Deuce in the 5th or 3rd if you don’t think he lasts that long, he had 42 receptions for 378 yards. They barely threw to him in the first half of the season. He also drops out of the backfield and lines up in the slot, so who’s covering him? Didn’t realize that Jackson’s rate was that high, too bad because I like him but you can’t have that. Swift is here no matter what, Williams if he wants to take what they are giving. We are designed to be RB by committee, but I like Bijan a lot. It will be interesting to see what direction they choose to go.


Say this 190 times for the people in the back! Sure the combine might be used as a tool to verify some things, or cause evaluators to go back & take a 2nd look at things. For the most part though you’re exactly right. That small school guy for example might have always been a late 1st round guy in NFL evaluators eyes. He becomes a “riser” because the media finally found out about him


He would be a great addition, stud athlete. He might test the best out of all of the TE’s. You can line him up out wide, in line, or in the backfield. Ben Johnson could do a lot of different things with a chess piece like Whyle

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I honestly feel like Robinson, behind this O line, can be fitted for a gold jacket, provided he lucks out health wise in his career.


DraftBuzz has him as the #14 TE, most sites have him really far down. That’s OK, he runs a 4.65 with size and can lineup in multiple positions, I’m in.


I’d have no problem taking Bijan @ 6 if he’s the nest player on the board. I think top 10 picks, ideally, should end up top 10 at their position within 3 years, or at least have the potential to. I think Bijan could be top 3 year one… He’s got Kamara written all over him. You give him 150-200 rushes and 60 passes in his direction, he gets you 1500 yards.


Yeah I don’t get it. Some want to push a CB up 4 or 5 spot to fit so called value and need . Or they want to draft a DT that is a Levi Clone at six once again for need and value. But a Guy that is a top 5 in talent on all most all boards and fits your team and the strength of this team is bad value. This logic is so Matt Patricia and his system crap like.


Bijan, in this offense, would crush the souls of the NFC. No problem with him taken at six. The O would be complete and focus the rest of the draft and FA’s on the D.


To me there is only 3 guys that is not a QB, talent wise fits that top six pick , these 3 guys are head and shoulders above the rest, and that is Anderson, Carter and Robinson. The first 2 will be gone by pick 6


If we stay at six and the value, per what I read here, isn’t really there in player/draft slot then I can see RB being a possibility. Especially if, as many here believe, he can be in the top 10 first year if not top 6 or 7.
Then you have him young, hopefully healthy, for five years before you have to deal with pay him issues. Plus the value to the offense with play action and more I can almost talk myself into believe it would be a really good pick. The supposed window may open a little further in the now.



Great year to get a TE & not have to over draft one. I’m hoping they grab one of the athletic types in the Whyle mode. Him, the Utah guy, Jack Rabbit dude, Will Mallory, or LaPorta. I want one of the athletes that you can chess piece. Any other guys that are similar to these dudes

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Also lets be honest: We all miss Barry and it would be fun to have at least a small taste of that on Sundays again! I’d be lying if I said my boner for drafting Bijan was completely emotion free.


The thing is I want Whyle because he immediately replaces Cabinda. Have any of those other guys played FB before, I know LaPorta has not and I wouldn’t use him in that role. Cabinda was a LB who we taught to play FB, I want a player with no learning curve here.


Bijan is a very complete back for sure. He’s not just a runner. I’ve seen him run fades from the slot. He’s got receiving skills. And he big enough to pass block.


I am all for Bijan. If I had to pick one player in this draft that will be a surefire superstar it would be Bijan. I understand the positional value concerns, as I am a big proponent of positional value, but Bijan is a generational type prospect.

I’m no draft expert, but I believe Bijan is the best back to come out since Peterson. Yes I believe he is a better prospect than Elliot, Fournette, McFadden, and even Barkley.


Tyjae Spears appears to be an awesome receiver as well.


My favorite backs in the last ten years coming out of the draft have been Zeke Elliott, Todd Gurley, and Nick Chubb. I definitely think he could be included in that group. However, this is not me endorsing taking him in the first round. Actually, I am leaning against it. I could be talked into it if we had a trade down and picked up some picks maybe to hedge against him getting hurt or busting.