Another argument for Bijan

I agree but to be shocked if AZ grabs him at pick 3

After the combine an deep dive.

James Conner the starter is a $10,445,000 cap hit an he is 27 right now. His last 4 season he was over 1000 yards but thats receiving an running pricey yards an he doesn’t play full season. 8 TDs

He is over paid not saying he is really bad but watch out in draft. They really lack RB depth

So you are telling me Harbaugh played an inferior back because he was older and bigger???
Makes no sense to me.
Haskins 270 carries Corum 144 in 2021. If Corum was better why didn’t he get the majority of carries?

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The 49ers running game makes the defense account for it and opens up other players. And has for the past 5 years. The Pats, Eagles, Ravens, do the same. Other players at other positions thrive because of it. You don’t need a highly-drafted RB to achieve this.

I agree that it’s good strategy to force the defense to account for the run game. You can’t be one-dimensional in this league and succeed (see the Bills). But where we differ a lot is in our belief how you get there. You believe a transcendent talent is necessary. I believe an excellent OL is necessary. That’s the difference.

I would love to have Kyle Shanahan. Is he available?

No, you don’t. But when there is an opportunity to just turn in a card and instantly have it, I think its worth considering. When Kyle had the chance to get Christian McCaffrey this year, he took it.


I agree. Size is a real concern for Bijan. He is a big upright runner that is used to running over college kids in a conference that doesn’t play much defense. Breaking tackles at NFL level will be harder for Bijan.

He’s built like Zeke Elliott. Size is definitely not a “concern.”

Zeke was a much better college player than Bijan IMO. I still wouldn’t have drafted him top 10.

He did, but he still extracted value. According to the trade charts, he gave up the equivalent of the #40 overall pick. Even I would do that for McCaffrey. Well, maybe. It’d be at the very upper edge of what I’d do. But it’s a hell of a lot better than spending at the very top of the draft.

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That’s a perfectly good perspective. “Size concerns” is just throwing shit against the wall when its not necessary.


Because at that point Haskins was the better back, did better in short yardage for one thing also Corum changed in the offseason. He did more to strengthen his core and lower body so that he would be able to handle the short yardage need that Haskin excelled at.

I actually had Corum as a late 2nd to top of 4th round pick prior to his injury and would go with BR before Corum easily. But RW is accurate in what he is saying the carries don’t tell the story.

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You don’t need to spend a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and a 5th round pick to get a running game. That was made clear above when you used the 49ers as your primary example. Why would he waste picks like that on something that doesn’t require it? For a team that already has one of the leagues best running games? And he could have traded a heck of a lot less for someone who was “good enough.” So why pay the premium?

I’m with you….

Sign Jamel Dean and Cam Sutton….

Re-sign AA, Buggs, and Cominsky

Hutch/Da Problem



I think healthy that is already a top 20 defense….

  1. Trade Down- if need be I would even trade to Carolina and merely get #9, #60, #143

  2. Bijan Robinson- Bell Cow

  3. Brown Branch- Nickel safety

  4. Calijah Kancey- 3T

  5. John Michael Schmitz- C/RG

  6. Jack Campbell- MLB

  7. Zach Harrison- edge

  8. Charlie Jones- WR

  9. DTR- developmental QB

  10. OT

  11. K

Hutch/ Da Problem/Z Harrison
Kancey/Levi O/Cominsky
Cominsky/Paschal/Z Harrison

AA/J Campbell

Dean/W Harris


I’m sorry I think that would be a top 10 D…

That’s upgrading RG to John Michael Schmitz, RB to Bijan, adding Charlie Jones and a depth OT

Pretty sure Corum did have more carries than Haskins, i know he had more yards, before he got hurt. He wasnt 100% again until the Big Ten championship game.

It’s not that a transcendent talent is necessary…

It’s that I’d take a stud RB and a rotational Edge over Myles Murphy and the next Isaiah Spiller for example.

I would likely take J Carter, W Anderson, C Gonzalez, B Branch, B Robinson, or P Skoronski over anyone in the draft. It’s possible none make it to #18…. And that Carter and Anderson are gone.

I already know I likely have 18 sacks on the edge between Hutch and Houston

I already know I have 8-9 sacks and great run support between Commish and Paschal….

Where are edge snaps even coming from? All those guys will have 2-4 years left btw.

Talking about wasting a high pick- if you want edge depth take a player like Will McDonald, Harrison, or ilk in round 3

Because he babysat him as a kid.

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I’d be ok trading up a few spots from our 1B. But 6 no freaking way. FA is stacked with proven RB talent.

We could dump Brockers plus what we’d need to spend on JWill and get Josh Jacobs here who’ll turn 25 in February. He’s missed 2 games in the last 3 years. Then we keep all our picks. I’d love Bijan, I see what you all see, but pulling a Saquon is still a bad move. But if you want him, he’s a FA too!

IF the giants lose Barkley, they will have significant dropoff.
The guy’s initials are SB, for cripe’s sake!

Your idea about Jacobs is very interesting.
Muuuuch better at hitting the pocket than Swift
Muuuch tougher & more durable than swift.
Comparable, but not quite as much explosion as a long-range weapon.
He’s an upgrade from Swift, for sure… his attitude & durability - niiiice!

Still prefer crafting our offense through drafting our guys…but this is interesting.

I’m over my head with that shit…just gotta trust Holmes


2023 Running game

  1. Decide whether to resign Williams.
    a. If yes, less likely we would draft Bijan and look at drafting a RB we would use to replace Swift with in 2024.
    b If no, Bijan would then be in play. If we pass on Bijan then we would look at getting another “big back” later in the draft and roll with Swift as our feature back.

Yeah, not taking the bait mister. :laughing:

What I will say though is that I’m at the point in this draft process where I’m looking around at the talent and thinking that a Quarterback or Bijan would be better picks than reaching for a DL. I’m more comfortable taking a corner at 6 I think, but it still seems high to me.


Who was the last top 10 OA taken running back that was worth the pick? Who was the last top 10OA back that didnt run a sub 4.4 40?