Another for the culture

Hmm lots of successful people stress “culture”
Yet some lions fans feel like the culture can be over sold. Get talent , not culture … to win.

I saw this quote from
Coach K on BB

Fmia article on pft

" There’s nobody who’s built a better culture in pro sports than him.

Quite a statement,” I said. “You built a pretty good culture yourself.”

“Yeah,” Krzyzewski said, quietly scoffing. “But that’s collegiate. Pro football’s a big business, man. There can be a lot of selfishness. He’s been able to manage all that. Culture should not be assumed. It needs Miracle-Gro every year, and he’s been able to keep that culture going. There’s a Patriot Way. I totally admire that.”

Lions invest a lot in the talk of building right culture Even the Fortune 500 companies spend time on this.

Do a Google search and you’ll see articles like this :

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