Another Game stop? (Wall Street)

Gold has started to flatten? I bought more of PHYS today.

China stops buying gold

China’s central bank didn’t buy any gold last month, ending a massive purchasing spree that ran for 18 months and helped push the precious metal to a recent record high. China had been stocking up reserves since November 2022, leading a flurry of purchases by the world’s central banks amid rising geopolitical tensions. The risk for gold bulls now is that China’s earlier appetite has left the metal vulnerable to any potential shift in demand.

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Its pathetic. He is just exposing the whole game so they hate him.


It wasn’t really that exciting overall, but the beginning of the stream was hilarious to me.


It seemed like GME’s board actually F-ed him with that dilution.

Something seems off about this round. The whole thing just seems entirely different than this first round with a bunch of retail organizing, being flush with stimmy funds and Yolo’ing calls and forcing a gamma squeeze. This rounds seems inorganic and kind of ick. I have no proof of course that’s just how it feels to me.

I’ve never had the taste or interest for gambling on that scale. Mutual funds are fine for this tortoise, so I never followed the Game Stop saga. It’s fascinating and appeals to my sense of fairness and payback. Thanks for posting.

I’m not familiar with the term Vertical Spreads used earlier in this thread. I hope no one explains it to me because I’d rather imagine and not know…

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It’s used in options trading. You buy and sell PUTS or Calls that expire on the same date for the same ticker.
I pulled (2) vertical spreads today on NVDA, (1) spread on APTV, and (2) spreads on PANW. I only trade on stocks that I won’t mind owning if I am left holding the bag. I feel fairly confident I will be able to recoup my investment in the future if they crash before option expiration for some reason.
Let’s roll!!

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Do you set the time to buy and the time to sell? Or is it limited to opening and closing times of one particular market, like the New York Stock Exchange? Can you sell it before your preset time if you choose?

Yes, for example. The expiration date on this Nvidia trade is Jun 28th, but I can sell it earlier if it makes financial sense/profit. Or, if I see it crashing down in price, I can sell out of the trade at a loss, or roll it out to a future expiration date to cover myself and hope for a rebound in share price.

So, the premium that I collected today on that trade was $511.68 - $208.30 = $303.38

Nvidia is sold on NASDAQ and yes, I can sell out of it at any point before expiration. For this trade, as long as the share price stays above $111/share, I won’t have to touch it before June 28th. Verticals allow some down price protection. In this case, my down side protection is the $105 strike.

Congress Trading Dashboard


The casino doesnt like it if you keep winning at blackjack :wink: and they think your cheating because you know how to play

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