Another nfl rule formed due to lions

> In 1998, after Favre’s Packers lost 27-20 to the Detroit Lions, the disgruntled quarterback was so frustrated that he told the Packers’ public-relations team that he wouldn’t do his regular postgame conference. But he said he regretted that decision.

“They said, ‘You’ve got to do it,’ and I said, ‘I’m not doing it,’” Favre said, later adding: “I should have done the press conference and just owned up. It was one of those things where I said, ‘If I don’t have anything good to say, I’m not saying anything at all’ - well, go in there and say that!”

> Favre said that he was fined $25,000 and that it helped to pioneer the NFL’s current [media-related requirements and fines](

“At the time, there was nothing written into the quote-unquote rule book for media. In other words, I was not required,” Favre said, adding: "There wasn’t anything that if I chose not to speak I would be fined, so I chose not to speak and was fined $25,000, and then that was written into the rule book after that."

It was do to this guy being a poop… not the Lions brother!!

The cause was Farve’s behavior not anything the Lions did.

Have you ever noticed that there’s been several incidents in the NFL where things didn’t go the Packers way. Which resulted in their players and fans crying, and pouting? That pouting and media back lash later resulted in some form of change or another? Mainly to appease their crying?

They do the same thing in the game to the refs and eventually get calls to appease them.

My daughter just started playing coach pitch softball. She batted 3-4 last game and became very upset she didn’t go 4-4. I took it as an opportunity to teach her about sportsmanship. I encouraged her to stop pouting and start cheering for her teammates who were up at bat. She got it and did so.

As an organization I think the Packers could learn a lot about sportsmanship from kids. It’s sad that a 7 year old girl gets it more than they do.


The lions beat Favre instigating the behavior leading to the rule change policy change.

Why can’t we credit lions?

Call it the
“Face media even when losing to Lions rule”


Yea but it was lions who beat him and the game caused them to change a rule or policy

Even if it wasn’t going against lions as ruling
I found kg interesting bit of nfl history and lions trivia.

I [email protected]%in hate Packer fans… that is all.

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The NFL had their heels dug in with the replacement refs until the fail Mary. Then the regular refs were back on duty within a few hours after that game.

Noticed in that ESPN interview that Rodgers revived the Marshawn Lynch special: “I’m just here so I won’t get fined”.

I use line that with my family at dinner time too…


Yes! Lions trivia all day here but the negative spin is our boy AR! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or mandatory cookouts and work retreats!!