Another OC fired: Canada fired

Man I can’t believe the Steelers actually fired a coach during the season. Finally pivoting toward the dark side.

Rumor is Tomlin called Mike Gundy for some advice

this is 40 man GIF

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I think next year at Halloween I may dress like Mike Gundy and right after my kid and his buddies yell “trick or treat.” I’ll point to myself and scream “I’m a man. I’m 40!”

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I tried that 2 years ago…some lady called the cops.

Episode 2 Nbc GIF by The Office

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Honestly, best PR move of Gundy’s career. Could have looked bad if he failed, but he didn’t so now it’s lore

He torched us real good, a few times.

It really is. He’s got to be on the coaching meme Mt. Rushmore with Green, Mora Sr. and Edwards.

That and the mullet visor combo were shrewd self marketing initiatives.

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Fields can throw the ball. That’s not his issue. It’s the reads/decision making.

The Simpsons Canada GIF

Canada is not a great OC but the misguided belief in a pretty awful QB prospect is a big part of the problem here. Pickett was barely draftable before Jordan Addison and Mark Whipple spit shined that turd.

Fully deserved IMO