Another reason why Ben Johnson made the right call to stay instead of go to the Panthers

2. I think I wonder if David Tepper thinks he’s playing some version of fantasy coaching. Jay Glazer reported Sunday that, nine games into his tenure, Panthers coach Frank Reich has the “hottest seat” in the NFL. Examining the itchiest trigger finger of any owner in the NFL—and that’s saying something given the presence of Mark Davis in the league:

December 2019: Tepper, 28 games into his ownership, dismisses coach Ron Rivera.

January 2020: Tepper dismisses coach Perry Fewell after his 0-4 interim run.

October 2022: Tepper dismisses coach Matt Rhule, 11-27 in his third season.

January 2023: Tepper dismisses interim coach Steve Wilks, who was 6-6 in relief of Rhule.

November 2023: Is Tepper considering whacking his fifth coach in 47 months, barely a half-season into Reich’s four-year contract?

3. I think there’s another part to the Tepper story that would be laughable if it weren’t so laughable: He also owns Charlotte FC of Major League Soccer. The team made the playoffs this year, but, for the second year in a row, Tepper fired the head coach. That means since 2019, Tepper has fired six coaches in two sports, and may be on the verge of firing a seventh.

4. I think there’s one final part of this story I have to share: Tepper’s a Pittsburgher. He owned a 5% stake in the Steelers for nine years before he bought the Panthers, and he learned absolutely nothing from the Rooney family about owning an NFL team. Full-time coaches hired by Tepper in his five-year ownership: three. Full-time coaches hired by the Steelers in the last 54 years of Rooney ownership: three. My point is, if you hire a coach and want to fire him 10 months later, then you really didn’t vet him enough to know him—and you have no idea how much you cripple your franchise when you’re changing coaches the way you change underwear.


And why he may say no to them a second time if they do in fact fire Reich

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He should


Wilks had that team ready to go. Letting him go was dumb


I’ll never understand that. And what has Reich done to get that job? Never liked it.

In hindsight, that was a shrewd move not taking the Carolina job. Team is a dumpster fire. I got to think if Ben has his sights on a head coaching gig the offers will be there this year though.


offers will be there. this year…. next year…
and the year after. Ben will be a hot commodity whenever he chooses to be a HC.

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If I were him, Id be taking the Chargers job this off-season

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I’m almost certain Tepper is the MAJOR reason he didn’t really even consider it.

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I wouldn’t.

They play 17 road games every year…
and ownership has a terrible track record.

They also have a very talented, young, franchise QB

and that guy plays in the same division as Mahomes…

no thanks.

Charger Pros: Herbert, LA/So Cal, good young offense outside of Allen, world class stadium/training set up, sweet unis.

Charger Cons: Owner (though I’d rather have a penny-pincher like Spanos than a meddling one like Tepper, still not great though), division, fan base, cap space, traffic

Certainly no slam dunk, but those first two “pros” make for a strong pull. I’m sure if the job comes open Ben will at least be making the above list himself.

He was a minority owner in pittsburgh for a while. Ive heard he is a real arragont SOB and thinks he knows best since he “came from pittsburgh steelers ownership”

THE reason IMO. Tepper is the new Dan Snyder. From a
meddling standpoint not a toxic work culture standpoint.

Id also throw in state taxes as a negative. And it not being Detroit…

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I do think Josh Harris in Washington is exactly the type of owner that Ben would be open to being that both are math guys.

I almost did, but like Lincoln Riley I just assumed they’d throw enough into his contract to cover it.

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the Texans already have a HC in Demeco Ryans

Never mind. I thought you were referring to the Panthers.