Another reason why Ben Johnson made the right call to stay instead of go to the Panthers

Washington Pros: Potential rapport with owner, above average skill players, draft capital, cap space, receptive fanbase, crab cakes

Washington Cons: Division, QB ?s, politics, Snyder stink, jaded fanbase, team name fiasco

Probably one he’d consider at least if they reached out.


Patriots trade Belichick.

Titans trade Vrabel to the Patriots.

Titans hired Ben Johnson to replace Vrabel.

He’d have to be sold on Levis for that to happen IMO.

Proximity to his home and family as well. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Redskins were his childhood team.

Looks like he spent most of his early life in the shadow of Charlotte. If he’s not a Panthers fan could have grown up rooting for the Falcons, Titans, Redskins, Ravens or Jags… provided geography played any part in it. There’s plenty of fans who don’t root for the local team though, like you and me.

Born in '86 though. Sounds like he’s from a football family. My guess would be his family are Redskins fans as they cast a big shadow over the mid Atlantic during the Gibbs days.

Could be for sure. If his folks were Washington fans they could have passed it on. I still think it was more likely he was a Panthers fan - especially after they went to the NFCCG their 2nd year - but who knows?

The only thing I can find that might indicate his fanhood is this from the 2006 UNC roster page: “Pretended to be Joe Montana as a kid.” I suppose a lot of kids grew up Niners fans back then. I have a couple of buddies who are Niners fans because of Montana and Rice too.

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The Willamette Valley was mostly 49ers bandwagon fans when I moved up there in '88. That’s why I went shopping for a team and landed on whoever Barry would get drafted by.

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Yeah you were probably surrounded by them the way I was Cowboys fans. They were the only team that, if they drafted Barry, I couldn’t have made my own. It would have broken my heart.

Yep. And then it pivoted to the Seahawks when Holmgren got it going.

I suppose both are pretty logical geographically. I assume there are - or were - at least a few Raiders fans as well. In Oklahoma it was pretty much 75% Cowboys fans, 15% Chiefs (they weren’t any good at the time), and 10% “other.”

They are. In a vacuum I don’t have a problem with either affiliation. It’s the bandwagon nature of a lot of fans near where I live that bothers me.

That may be bc I’m fiercely loyal and as such have suffered greatly :man_shrugging:

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I feel your pain. Viscerally.

Who are the best owners in the NFL outside of Shelia? I truly believe Ben wants an owner that the players and staff enjoy/appreciate/respect…he doesn’t wan to play for an asshole meddling sum bitch…