Another scenario - you choose

Let’s just say that Burrow and Tua go 1-2 with either SanDiego or Miam trading with Washington to get Tua…and you are now looking at Young at 3. Washington, Giants, Miami, and/or SanDiego offer a weaker trade – say their first and third because they value Young. Would you prefer Young at 3, or do you trade down for the extra third and get Okudah, Brown or Simmons?
I think you take the extra pick because you are still getting someone elite and Young may not have as much value in this defense. What would you do?

A 3rd rounder … ah no.

A higher second rounder would be minimum for me and only to #5. At #6 it takes a 2nd plus.

Chase young should absolutely be the pick but I’m not sold the Lions would do it.

In your scenario I think the Lions would stay put and take their guy. Probably Okudah.

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Chase Young in a heartbeat

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Hoping for a much better trade down. In that scenario, I’d probably just go with the guy I wanted to pick (likely Brown, Young, or Okudah).

I like Okudah as a person. Seems like a solid human being. My fantasy is getting a DT that makes Suh and Donald look like a middle school kid, but I’m not sure Brown is that.

Hope we get Brown after a trade down.

You would see my fat ass sprinting to the podium to deliver the card and the the medical crew rushing to give me oxygen. I believe this is the absolute best realistic scenario for the Lions.

I have said:
Trade down
Best defender if you cannot trade.

I stand by that, but picking 3 if Young isn’t there will be a huge disappointment for me. The other two choices provide me with hope.

If you were absolutely sold that Okudah is way above Brown or Simmons, I guess that’s what Quinn would do. Unless the Giants offered you a third. Then it doesn’t make any sense at all. But probably Quinn would still do it…thinking that nothing is better than something.

If Young is there just take him unless you get QB overpay trade down value. If a Darnold level package is available that’s my first choice. Short of that I want Young.

I have to take Young at 3. They say he is just as good as the Bosas. Imagine if we had one of them.