Another way to look at Draft

I realize this may have been pointed out so if it has my apologizes.
But the Lions in this draft just got:
1/2 ranked RB in Gibbs
The 1st ranked LB Campbell
The 1st Ranked Safety Branch
The 4th ranked TE (some say 1st) Laporta
The 5th ranked QB prospect Hooker (with QB you gotta admit rankings are shifty at best)

I mean how does anyone look at that draft and not say WOW. That is some serious voodoo magic shit.
If I was playing Fantasy Football I would be mocking the shit out of everyone in the league.
It literally feels like the Lions GM was playing 3D chess while everyone else was playing connect 4. That is absolutely crazy.

And those 5 players were all bunched between 15-47 overall ranked prospects.

I literally think draftniks are trying to downgrade the Lions draft because it was too damn good.
And they then got a Oline prospect that is a sleeper cell if you ask me. Dude smells like a HOF type that everyone will one day ask themselves how they missed on him with Sorsdal. The more I look at this draft the more I am blown away by how good it was.
Forget listening to anyone. You go into a draft and get 4 of the number one ranked prospects at the positions of RB, TE, S, LB and you can not be pissed. I get it. No Dlinemen which we all love and no Left Tackles. But dang this draft was crazy good. And who knows about Hooker. He looks like a smart dude who is all in so one never knows how it will work out for him.

You have to ask yourself who did the Lions draft that was not on their top 10 players wanted? For a draft that supposedly turned bad because the Lions wanted the CB they sure did themselves right with this haul.


I think we should just let the season play out before we judge this draft. If we make a deep playoff run, I think the talking heads will have no choice but acknowledge that just maybe, some GM’s know more about football and team building, in particular, than they do.

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Holmes absolutely murdered ass …THREE years in a row.
Best in the biz.
Look at Dan’s improvement…the culture…the improvement of every player…How players and coaches alike talk about him
Best in the biz.
Look at how the FO see the owner and rest of the execs…
Best in the biz.

Look at the “punter”
Need I say more?


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You seem to forget that we drafted one if the biggest DLinemen in BroMart. He’s a mountain of a man. When he was finally given good coaching at the Shrine game and dominated at times. I expect him to develop quickly under the top notch tutelage of the Lions staff.


I sure hope you are right that he develops fast. He is a massive dude. Alim at 3 tech and let Martin eat double teams for breakfast at Nose would be fun.

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Team with 2 1sts, 2 2nds, and 2 3rds, gets good players?

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(Please don’t take the sarcasm the wrong way, I actually agree with the OP)

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I think most would agree that past GM’s would have certainly screwed that up.


I’m pretty happy my reaction wasn’t “who is that?”
after a 2nd round pick.

I had truly never heard of Alama-Francis or Too-Slow-Tavai before they were picked!!!

Many who criticized it day of, later said it was a good draft for Detroit when you ignore who was taken where and focus on the who.

I think it has little to do with draftniks thinking the draft was too damn good and all about their way of valuing positions at draft location. Basically draftniks valuing their process above all else.

I had posted this a while back but listening to one of the Siriusxm NFL channel shows they went back to the 2019 draft and reranked the teams. Based on second contracts etc etc and the majority of the A-B rankings day of became C-D rankings four years later.

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ugh - i hope i can unsee that pretty soon.

This is key to any long term survival strategy in The Den.
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Good point

I think for me I question if a team has ever drafted that many players projected as the best prospect at their position ever before. Forget how the class was ranked. It seems almost impossible for any team to take that many top ranked players for their positions.

But based on the draft itself it is comical how a team that can pick up that many top prospects would be ranked out of the top 3. Literally some have them ranked sub 20s. Which really begs the question if any of these people are looking at the players and how the fit within that team verses just raw ability. Like for the draftniks it feels like of the top 3 players were all QBs and you had drafted all 3 you would get an A+++ for that draft, even though you can only play 1 of them.

I will say that looking at the Lions overall the WR position and RB position is concerning just based on pure known ability. Forget the projections. The Lions are definitely counting on the rookies and new guys to meet and exceed some players that had some darn good numbers.

That uncoached practice last year in camp sent a message. “It’s your team! Communicate and hold each other accountable.”

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I agree… If you just look at who we got and not where we got them it looks like a damn good draft to me.

Lets wait and see how it shakes out. If this team turns the corner and wins playoff game then id consider it a success


Again you guys are focusing on if they pan out. Which I get is the end game. But just on face value the Lions got 4 players that were ranked as the best at their position by lost pundits and somehow everyone said their draft was sub par. Sorry but if you are able to draft the best at the position in the draft 4 times you have maximized your draft assuming they are not kickers or punters.
Also they got out of the top 10 picks so in my mind that helped open up the window. LBs and RBs are a notch below linemen and QB on value for me because they are not involved in every play but otherwise are the next tier of usage. Where WR and Corners are at the far end.

One thing
We don’t really know if we got the best
And won’t know that until games are played

Your narrative is koolaid
We need to see it on the field

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My comment is not kool aide. It is factual that the Lions drafted the number 1 ranked prospect at 2 positions and at 2 others there is a debate. Those are facts not opinions. So it is a bit of a stretch to say 4 position but not much of one.

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