Antonio Brown -- interested?

Are you interested?

Yes…just so GB, Vikings, or Bears cant get him. Other than that, probably not .

No interest whatsoever.

I wouldn’t mind him going to GB.

Word is he quit on his team, walked out at halftime. The guy is good, but I’d pass. It ain’t like he’s a kid any more and don’t know better. Besides, he’s too expensive.

I wouldn’t mind if he went to NE.

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Yes and yes, IF he is willing to buy into MP’s philosophy. Brown is on a cheap contract for a top flight receiver, Steelers are on the hook for his signing bonus pro-rate. I’d trade M.Jones and a 4th rounder for A-Brown in a NY second if he buys into Patricia’s hard core training camps.
A deep threat that Stafford can lean on opens up the entire passing game.

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You guys know Stafford throws too hard for any malcontent, see Ebron.

Hell no!

short answer, no.

long answer, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

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Brown has 3 yrs salary total of 36m left…Marvin Jones dead cap is 5m… trade is tempting…

$15.1 million in 2019
$11.3 million in 2020
$12.5 million in 2021

Rumor has it the Broncos are looking to move Von Miller, I’d rather have him @ $19 million. I’d trade them Stafford for Von and Keenum… So we’d be paying $10 million less than this year for our top pass rusher and QB with Ziggy and Stafford gone ($17 million and $30million)

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That’s a cool idea, but I’m thinking we get much better trade value on Stafford in 2020. Much less dead money and better deal for trade partner. They’d get 3 years of reasonable cap hit Stafford. We get out from under his dead money in 2021 and we can plan accordingly in 2020 by backloading deals.

2019 is yr 2 in the rebuild, 2020, contend.

Don’t forget, the draft will be much stronger for QB next year and there is absolutely nothing on the free agent market for QB this offseason. Why would you say we contend in 2020 if we deal Stafford before that season? If 2019 is year 2 of the rebuild as you suggest, why not get him off the books asap? I’m just spit balling of course, I don’t expect any of it to happen, but it’s definitely a deal I’d consider if I’m Denver or Detroit.

It’s about getting the most bang for your buck. That contract was designed to trade/cut/extend in 2020 but not before.

I don’t buy into the “good year for (x)”…

Look at the year 2000. Chad Pennington was the first picked at 18th overall. Not a good year for a QB.

Then a couple of starters went in the 6th. Marc Bulger and Tom Brady.

If you have to go back to a draft 20 years ago to prove your point, I’ll take that as a win for my point lol look, 75% of the starters @ QB were 1st round picks and almost 50% were top 10 picks.

We can trade him if we need to, it’s certainly not ideal to do it this year with the cap, which is why I don’t think it’ll happen.

If the plan is to trade for a high priced veteran I’d like to go after A.J. Buoye. Jags are in cap hell. If they cut Bortles they’re really in a bind. They can cut Calais which will help but they have a ton of young studs they need to reup and they need to afford a new QB. I think a 4th and a 5th might get it done. Maybe a 3rd but there years away from getting a comp pick for him if they aren’t forced to cut him before then. He’s pricey but he’s arguably a top ten CB and he’s a good teammate.

13.5m per year after the trade. Trade would save the Jags 9.5m this year and 15.5m in 2020 and 2021. He’ll be 28 to start the ‘19 season.

Pennington was kicking ass until he got injured.
Just saying.

The first rounders are self fulfilled prophecies. You think Harrington gets 3 years of starts if he wasn’t a first rounder? I don’t. I’ve long argued to not take a guy in the top 10 because then you get stuck with a guy that’s difficult to give up on even if he sucks. How many chances did Leaf get? Way too many. Manziel?

Once you draft a guy that high (especially back before the rookie cap changed in 2011) you have made a commitment. Post 2011, less.

The point of picking 2000 was that it’s a great example of a “weak draft”. The GOAT QB was taken in the 6th. You want recent? 2012. Luck, Griffen III and Tannehill. One of 3 in top 10 worth a sh-t. But let’s go to the 3rd and 4th. Cousins, Wilson, Foles. 2 super bowl winners. 2011: Newton, Locker, Gabbert in the top 10, Tyrod Taylor in the 6th.

I think the time to trade Stafford, if we do, is 2020.

I don’t disagree. But he wasn’t top 10 pick. #18 overall. My point was that it wasn’t a strong QB year. And he was a dink dunker. and those offenses didn’t score all that many points until Favre came to town.