Antonio Gibson RB/WR Memphis

He seems like a nice weapon to be added to a teams arsenal.
6’-228lbs and ran a 4.39 Forty with a 35" vertical.

Memphis played him in the backfield and split him out at WR last year.
As a RB, he rushed for 11.2 yards per carry and scored a TD every 8.25 carries.
As a WR, he caught 38 passes for 735 yards and 8 TD’s.

I believe he returned some kickoffs and punts as well.

I think it was Zerilein who was saying that Gibson’s best football is ahead of him in this video.


Justin Jefferson, Devin Duvernay, Antonio Gibson impress with fast 40 times at Combine


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Justin Jefferson, Devin Duvernay and Antonio Gibson are among the first group of wide receivers who impressed with their fast 40 times at the NFL Combine on Thursday in Indianapolis.

Duvernay, who played at Texas, and Gibson, who played at Memphis, both led the first group of receivers with 4.39 40 times. Here was Duvernay’s run:

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.@TexasFootball WR Devin Duvernay runs a 4.40u 40-yard dash 🔥 @Dev_Duv5

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6:39 PM - Feb 27, 2020

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Jefferson, who was a stud receiver at LSU, ran a 4.43 40.

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4.44u at 202 lbs ⏱@LSUFootball WR Justin Jefferson turned on the burners.

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6:42 PM - Feb 27, 2020

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Jefferson was an absolute star at LSU and had 111 catches for 1,540 yards and 18 touchdowns as a junior. His 14-catch, 227-yard, 4-touchdown performance in the playoffs against Oklahoma was an eye-opening game.

As a senior this past season, Duvernay had 106 catches for 1,386 yards and 9 touchdowns. Gibson, a transfer, had 38 catches for 735 yards and 8 touchdowns last season.

Gibson is the guy I prefer in the mid rounds if we’re looking to add a RB in the draft. He’s a do-it-all kind of player, reminds me of Kamara

That’s a good comparison.

Agree, he would be a nice late round pickup. He is able to play RB and WR. I think he is a great weapon coming out the backfield in the pass game and maybe playing slot. The best way to use him is give him some space as he is a blazer.

I don’t know where he’ll go anymore, to be honest. Mecole Hardman went late 2nd last year. I don’t know if Gibson goes quite as high but I’m guessing the 3rd round…but with the depth at WR and RB this year, maybe later 3rd or even 4th possibly.

You never know where the players will be drafted, but I feel like Gibson will be available late - 5, 6, and maybe 7th round. There are a lot of RB’s ahead of him and he is kind of a tweener RB/WR which is a good thing but not for teams looking for RB only.

As an athlete he kind of reminds me of Cordarelle Patterson, who probably would’ve made a better RB to be honest.

I agree that he’s very intriguing. Rare size/speed combo.

CP looks more like a WR, taller and leaner. AG looks more like a RB, shorter and thicker.
It was funny when they used CP as a RB, he did pretty well.

Cordarelle Patterson is listed at 6’2” 220lbs but on multiple Bears broadcasts I heard him mentioned as playing at 230. I think their body types are pretty similar nw. When CP was coming out of Tennessee you’re probably right.

I’m huge on Jefferson and he’s my hope at 35 but it’s looking less and less like that’s likely. I know he’s a solid round 1 talent but it’s a deep class. He could be the 3rd WR off the board however.

Jefferson is highly unlikely to make it out of the first round. There are a lot of talented WR’s, but teams picking late usually have a hard time finding #1 WR talents sitting there and will likely jump all over him!

I agree that it’s unlikely. I think he could be the 3rd WR taken but it’s a deep class and all it takes is for a few teams to value other WR’s more.

Lamb and Juedy should go first. Then It’s Jefferson, Shenault, Higgins, Smith, Ruggs and Aiyuk who all have first round potential. Who knows which order they fall in.

My hope is Jefferson slides to us.

You never know. There were plenty of teams who, before the combine, had Jefferson as strictly a slot receiver. He played outside before this year without near the success he had in 2019. If teams still feel that way, he could drop to our spot.