Any advice for Brad on trading up?

When is the last time a trade up paid off for the Lions? I can only think of several that have been complete garbage.

Unless there is a Patrick Mahomes sitting there, would you even consider it?

I’ve been thinking about this because of the war room videos from last year … where Brad admitted that Dorsey talked him out of trading up multiple times, and they ended up getting the guy they wanted by letting the draft come to them.

Jerry Jones will be desperate this draft.

He lost his WR starter and depth, Dak cap is not a value, Zeke looks like he is on the Gurley slide…

That pick at 24 may be in play if you have to have a guy before GB and KC start popping WR and DBs.

We dont have Roy Williams to tempt him, but 32 or 34 and Cephus +? Mayyybe.

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I guess my point is, I don’t see where a trade up has ever worked out for the Lions.

Hard pass in trading up for anything this year … although it seems to be something Brad was set on doing last year.

Too many thin spots on the roster.

slip n slide GIF

Is this the Gurley slide?


More like the Patricia Face Plant…


see what happens is jacksonville gets their Olineman, so the lions give away our 2 ram 1st round picks and move up to 3 and get both hutchinson and then get thibs 3rd. there. now we have all the rushing the passer we need for the next decade.

Yeah, pretty good summary of his head coaching career here.

We need more picks, not less, especially with no generational talent at the top of this draft. The strength of this draft I believe, is picks 10 to 90


to the thread-question…advice? don’t trade up in a weak draft.



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I prefer not to trade up myself, but whether or not it’s worked for us, it’s easy to see plenty of times overall when it’s worked out. Mahomes, Julio, Josh Allen, Watson, Jaire Alexander, Wirfs, Waddle, Lamar Jackson, etc… and that’s just off the top of my head.

… and if there were any players in this draft that had Mahome’s and Watson’s talent, it might make sense.

I’m also jaded by our recent epic fails at trade-ups.

Wow. I am utterly shocked that this board is negative on trade ups. :exploding_head:

It all depends on value and confidence in assessing prospects. If Brad and his team are convinced that Drake London is the next great WR1, then trade up and get him if the price makes sense. There’s certainly no doubt that this team needs playmakers.

I know many here will suffer from brain kersplosion with any trade that results in fewer draft picks. I’m not one of them.

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damn straight, anything that makes us have fewer picks? FAK THAT !

Depending who’s there/targeted and the cost, I’d consider moving up from 99 to the mid, upper third. Other than that, not moving up,

How quickly people forget how both those guys were regarded leading up to the draft. Mitchell Trubisky was the clear top QB that year.

Willis’ talent level is on par with both of those guys, I think thats without question. He just has a lot of other questions to go along with that talent.

Talent is certainly debatable. Watson did some heavy lifting against two of the top 3 teams in college football, which resulted in a national championship. He was the best player on the field … it didn’t require any imagination to see it. Willis has nothing like that to use as a baseline to predict success in the pros.

Mahomes had arm talent that was legendary to those that actually went and saw him in person, could also run, and nothing a defense could do would rattle him, ever.

Willis is talented, just doesn’t jump off the page with historically great stuff like those other two.

I do think Willis warrants comparisons to Trey Lance though. I think San Fran was nuts to do what they did, but who knows, maybe Lance will develop into something. He was pretty rough last year, and that’s being kind.

If we trade down and get maybe 5 more picks? I am ok…with a SLIGHT trade down. otherwise, I don’t want to trade.

If this happened Cub that would be like 14 picks sounds good …now just for fun tell me the 14 guys your releasing to let the players pick play.

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Don’t do it. Let the draft come to you.

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