Any chance to bring back Ozie newsome as GM?

I know he is working still as a consultant to ravens . Any chance we can bring him here like mike holmgreen?He is not that old too. Then spielman can join as an intern to him


And if a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his ass when he hopped.

I’m just kidding. That would be amazing if we got newsome here. The likelihood of it? Who the heck knows. Cash talks… but, will that be enough to pull him away from an early retirement?

Also too that’s a Wayne’s world quote, the first sentence, and one I like to say whenever I have a chance. I think it’s a beautiful quote and much better than the generic “when pigs fly!”

Nice idea brother! I’d like to see this happen more than most of the other scenarios!


That would be awesome if Ozzie joined the Lions. But unfortunately I don’t see that happening.