Any Deer Hunters on this forum

I thought it would be cool to make a bragging board between us Lions fans that hunt.Its been a great weekend here in N Michigan I shot this 10 pt Friday morning.Then sitting in the blind listening to U of M pound MSU yesterday. Today I will be making jerky and watching the Lions.Life is good up here in Gods country


beautiful deer and great job Brick Layer. do we have an OTT any longer?

I have hunted deer but just don’t have the time right now. But I do have a nephew who is paralyzed from the chest down who has tagged-out with two 10 points. The kid doesn’t let his disability get in his way and is a hunting machine.
I don’t know if he’d want his face shown on here so I covered it up for him but if you could see his smile, it would melt your heart.


I tagged a 7pt. That dressed out at 170 lbs. with my bow.
Tagged an eight point with a 19 inch spread dressed out to 195 lbs. Grey as all get out, swamp deer. Both in my freezer. Chili meat for all winter, won’t have to buy any meat but bacon.


Yes, hit the Menu button above

8 point for me.


Last year was terrible, but a lot of big bucks this year. I hear Jackson County is allowing shotgun hunt during muzzleloading season. I’m tagged out.

Got this one last week with the bow, Gun season opens Saturday here in Wisconsin


I’m a hunter. I’m just not paying $50 to buy my rights back from the state.
$14 was bad enough.
I’ll take the money I save over the next few years and buy that AR15 I’ve been wanting.


Nice work. I shot a doe last night after my girl told me it was time to have meet.

Playing hide and seek with a nice buck on the public land near me. Have passed on several smaller bucks with the bow.

The only good part of lions sucking is that I don’t have to miss Sunday hunts anymore in evening

Where do you hunt at?

I’d much rather shout a doe than a smaller buck. On state land your choices are limited. I actually bow hunt on state land some. Here’s my best state land buck.


Those are some dandy bucks guys wow!!

Congrats, guys. Some good looking venison sticks there.

I hunt all of the public near GR area until I go home for thanksgiving in UP. I bow hunt mostly down here.

I do hunt some private in Hastings and Middleville.

FYI - Jaded is from the GR area.

If you were near me I would invite you to join me for a hunt.

I’ve went to a game with him. Not sure if he knows my new handle though on this site.

Where ya located?

All I know is that if my girlfriend said that she wanted meat or it was time for meat, I’d have given her some. Wouldn’t have involved my deer rifle either, unless she was into role playing. We haven’t got that type of time up here. Somebody’s got to cut wood.

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I live in Genesee county but hunt near Indian River.

That ain’t too shabby!

I live and hunt near West Branch