Any one in survival leagues?

I am kind of nervous because I took Tampa Bay this week.
I was sure Dallas and New England were going to win, but I figured if I wanted to win, I would need to pick a team like Tampa Bay at some time during the season…so why not against a rookie QB.

I am in two and I took Tampa in one of mine as well. Everyone is taking the team who plays Miami every week. I figure that Mia will win one eventually and take a bunch of them out at once … lol

I hate taking teams on the road. I like to take home teams that are favored.

I try to save the gimmie teams for the hard decision weeks.

I have been a sucker for Tampa’s offense for a few years now. They have the potential to be top 5 in my opinion.

S. Barkley is out hurt. May not return. Should Help TB a lot.

I also started Winston and Evans in my fantasy league. 25-10, looking good.

Yeah and TB does what they do and lost. Arg.