Any one

Know what to do with high anxiety? I’ve been on meds before and it didn’t help, but being locked up for awhile I’m not sure how to handle it.



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Been working for me for years


Weed can, or it can also make you paranoid and make it worse. Exercise, like walking, works wonders.


One never smoked any thing before
Two I take walks every day
Thank you everyone. I think I’m going to order a bunch baseball and football cards.

Weed can make it worse. It all depends on the person. Exercise is by far the best thing you can do, as well as keeping yourself occupied.


I think most of the paranoia was the illegal angle. In which is moot, here in Pure Michigan.

Exercise helps. Go out for a walk every day, take your dog out a few times a day on top of that if you have a dog. If you have a backyard/deck (I have a terrace), sit out there and breathe in the fresh air.
There’s no iron fist rule that people have to stay in their house all the time, at least not in New York.

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Well then, get laid.

Iggy is right.

If people with anxiety smoke weed, they might feel like the government is watching them or the cops are going to show up at the door.

My wife and I have been playing around with some of the new gummies. We can only take like 1/4 at a time. Problem is, she sleeps like a log on it and I have a hard time falling asleep on them, so I’m not so sure they are for me…but it does seem to help with pain, I’m just not sure it’s worth it for me.

If it’s ‘high anxiety’ call your doctor. Otherwise, as others mentioned, get a lot of exercise, go outside and perhaps find a new hobby.

Exercise #1. Try calming teas like chamomile. Look up the Wim Hof breathing method.

If you want a non-pharma drug, CBD oil is probably your best bet.

On weed, its been a long time since I’ve smoked, but damn some of that stuff spiked my anxiety like mad! I believe I have a dopamine system sensitive to canabinoids. Depends on the strain and dose of course. But when your brain is flooded with dopamine you just take in way too much information from your senses at once, making you really anxious.

What others said. Weed helps me, but one thing that usually gets overlooked with anxiety is taking deep breaths. I used to suffer crippling anxiety and two things that really helped (before weed) were telling myself that anxiety was a state of mind and that my mind was causing these feelings and breathing deep.

I wish you the best of luck. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy

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As men, a lot of our anxiety comes from wanting to accomplish things that we can’t due to circumstances we can’t control. We are created to be productive and what we’re experiencing right now is counter to all of that. In this time of forced rest, recognize how you are limited, but also identify what it is that you most want to accomplish. Write it down. Prioritize the things you’ve put on your list. Name the major steps required for each, then work on what you can work on while under the constraints we all find ourselves in.

Also, pray.

I would say to enjoy gamepass while it’s free, but that’s the worst advice one could give a Lions fan in these times.


Excercise, meditation, breathing exercises…

My wife has anxiety issues. I think another thing that she struggles with is cutting herself a break. Especially at times like these it’s pretty much to be expected


Anyone wanna play some PUBG on PC?

Yep, I love some herb…at a concert, with some friends and a movies, hanging out in a group…

But alone? With just my thoughts? Nah, hard pass.


Just focus on breathing. Count the breaths.

You have to really try and focus. That is the key. By closing your eyes and taking each breath with purpose, you will distract your brain and also lower your heart rate.

Exercise is extremely important.

Weed may help, but it may also increase your anxiety. It can calm you down but it can also increase paranoia. You can try to see if it works for you personally. It has been very effective in my life. (haven’t touched alcohol in 16 years)

edit: What curioushusker said above. great advice