Any thoughts on new DC if Glenn exits?

Glenn seems to be a finalist for the Arizona HC position. Curious to get posters feedback on who they prefer or think will be under consideration as a possible replacement.

90% sure it’ll be Todd Wash


Id be surprised if he goes.

Shep may not be ready yet to jump up.

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After last years near miss, Dan didn’t seem prepared to lose AG.
I have no doubt he has a couple names in his back pocket now, he seems to always learn from his mistakes.

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I really doubt the AG is AZ’s choice. I think he should be bc theybbadly need a leader of men and I think he might be able to relate to Kyler. I just that the Bidwells will want more of a press conference victory then that. Flores will be aplauded and is a pretty good coach. I think he’ll get the job.

Vic fangio please!!! :grin::rofl::+1:

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Mike Kafka about to be interviewed. I could see AZ hiring Kafka and hoping for a Murray metamorphosis.

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bring back capers.

Hired by the Dolphins yesterday. New DC

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What’s Detroit’s record against Vic Fangio defenses? Glad he’s not in our division or even conference for that matter.


If they are serious about wanting to win, they need to figure out how to get out from under Murray. He’s gonna pull them down through the duration of his horrific contract, & they were too slow to see it coming.


Good luck with that. How you going to trade an extremely overpaid tiny QB, coming off an ACL injury, who might not be available until mid season at the earliest.

In 2023, Murray will earn a base salary of $2,000,000, a signing bonus of $36,000,000 and a workout bonus of $1,000,000, while carrying a cap hit of $16,007,000 and a dead cap value of $97,528,000 .

Sounds pretty easy to trade. haha

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Steve Wilks


Good call. My thoughts as well.

Prime Time, baby!
Can you imagine Deuce and Prime going at it.

No they weren’t brother, it’s the way of the nfl world now….

The trade for Watson was insane.
The trade for Russ was insane.
The contract for Kyler was insane.

I’m a second will be the comedy castle of…


Then will come…

Daniel Jones
Derek Carr
Geno Smith

  • the only way ANY of those guy is relevant next year is if SF tries to further mess with the QB spot….

Tua scenario will be a mess, what to do with Tannehill, Cousins, and who pays Jimmy G- he’s had over 20 tds ONCE!!!

Is it time to extent Burrow, Hurts and Herbert for 50M APY each?

What about Ridder, Willis, Mac Wilson, Fields, Pickett…??

What a mess- the Chiefs, Bills, Bengals, Eagles, and maybe the Chargers know who their QB is for sure…. The rest are bobbing for apples.

I will laugh if another NFC win further discredits the FRNACHISE QB matra

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In addition to being a good candidate, Wilks would have a decently high likelihood of generating some compensatory bean action down the road. Not that I just sit her thinking about magic beans all the time or anything like that.


Yep highly doubt AR hires Glenn. Bidwell will not allow it.


Wilks would probably be an upgrade over AG. He at least has a proven track record leading defenses. It appears Wilks may be headed to the 49ers to replace Ryans, which is really smart of him because the 49ers defense is loaded with talent.

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