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I find it interesting that many of you bash hard drug users while at the same time prop up the ultimate results of an extremely wicked addiction on a pedestal when it comes to Chris Farley. Speeeeeeeed Baaaaaaaaaalllll!

Success overrules a lot of things in this world.

Drugs being one of them. Nobody cares that the musicians were allfukked up. Just as long as they made great music nobody cared

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PLEASE! I don’t mind the ads. I do mind the fact that the thread jumps all over the place.

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I have an issue with this in your face.

Yesterday, on my phone, “The Den” banner disappeared and the background was all white. Now it’s back to normal.

Yeah I can’t seem to close the Den out and be productive at work.

Every time I close it to do some work I find myself back looking at the Den 15 minutes later.

I swear @Nate has a voodoo doll and is forcing me to read the Den non stop.

Clearly you much prefer Debbie Downer than Farley!

Rachel Dratch Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

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No im just pointing out blatant hypocrisy

Valuable PSA from out favorite motivational speaker

Wait until you find out about the drug use in the nfl.

But a chubby comedian from the 1990’s is your virtue to signal on.

Such a hero u are!

A chubby comedian that was absolutely hilarious. I do wish we had him longer, I could use some more movies!

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I have not ever bashed anyone for drug or alcohol use. They have always worked for me. That is my point. I see people talk shit out of one side of their mouth and praise the same behavior out of the other. Nearly all of the great performers/artists in history had psychological issues that they treated with drugs. Without those issues (and potentially the drugs as well) we wouldnt have most of the great art in the world. As a scientist i know many massive breakthroughs have came under the influence. Such as pcr being discovered on LSD. The greeks invented democracy under the influence of psychedelics. Hell even christianity is a bastardized version of the ancient wine cult. The Nostics had that part right. The romans ruined that whole deal.

I think i will go enjoy some drugs/alcohol now. It is 5 o’ clock somewhere.

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Chris Farley was dead at the age of 33. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for hard drug use. Your points are pointless.

Im not the one posting memes that keep his art living on. Those people are endorsing him and his contributions.

Some of those people bash other drug users often. If you can’t see the hypocrisy then i can’t help you.

It’s Sunday and Lions football! Today is all about the Blue Koolaid!!

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If we’re going to say drug use is good, we should at least pivot from Farley to Keith Richards.

The New guy’s in the corner puking his guts out….”


All because you wanted to save a couple pennies!