Anybody catch the Seahags with those bright ass Green underoos vs The Rams?

I don’t know what to think of those unitards. annoying color though. Rams barely won.

I liked em!

Nothing wrong with having some fun.

I like them about as much as I like the Lions grey unis. At first I thought they were cool, but man I loathe them now. I wonder what they’ll come up with next. The Lions can introduce new unis next season, I believe. I would love nothing more than to be rid of the current look and go with Sanders/Spielman era unis. No nonsense and solid. Would match the current team philosophy. And as far as alternates, the throwbacks are great.


Underoos! I love it.


yeah making it known now, I don’t like the Seahawks bright antifreeze uniforms.

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Its so funny you mentioned this. Even my wife who passed by the TV and cares less about football than anybody in the world, made a comment about how ugly they were.

LMAO that’s great !

Was Siara wearing them?

Looks fine to me.

…and I do mean fine.


That’ll work

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I agree, yet that’s not an ugly-ass Seahawks uni or player, either that I was talking about. you know The antifreeze-Green ones…

They looked like pajamas.

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Underoos were Pj’s , Superhero underwear essentially. Had : Batman, Superman , Spiderman, The Hulk, The Flash , Aquaman , about 1978 -ish.

It’s better than when ketchup played mustard.


I like the Lions white jerseys with blue pants. Way better than the all white.

I do remember a game a few years ago I think Thursday night. Both teams wearing color rush and I couldn’t tell them apart. Bill’s vs. Jets. Found out color blind people couldn’t see the colors the next day. It was torture trying to tell them apart. I just kept thinking to myself why are both teams wearing the same color this is stupid

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I remember that game. I didn’t know about the color rush thing at the time. I was traveling for business and the hotel didn’t have the channel for the game. I pulled it up on my phone. Mind you, it was a brand new upgraded phone so I thought it just had an extra vibrant screen! It was the next day when I realized what really happened.

FTR, mustard won

Last Rams game ever as the home team in St Louis