Anyone else concerned that as the league gets more speedy and pass-happy

… we’re going with bigger, heavier, presumably slower LBs, and eschewing the “sideline-to-sideline” types?

We’ve all watched in horror as Jarrad Davis has attempted pass coverage (though I think he was looking much more comfortable out there generally by the end of last season).

I presume the philosophy on a big LB corps is, “Be in the right position, make the tackle.” But it sure seems that an offense like, say, Kansas City’s could exploit an LB corps that can’t move with their little RBs and WRs and an elite TE like Kelce.

So basically you are concerned that a team like Kansas City might be able to do what they literally already did to the Patriots several times over? Yes, that’s definitely a concern of mine. I believe the general idea is to get bigger guys who can still move. Tavai looks to fit that mold on film (no idea what his actual measurables are, but he seems athletic enough on game tape).

I definitely prefer a Jarrad Davis type. Not only in coverage, but to knife in and take down Aaron Rodgers (and now Trubisky) as they start scrambling around.


The Patriots have been to the Super Bowl 4 of the last 5 years, and won 3 of the last 5.
No, I’m not concerned.


The main goal of our defense will be to make stops in short yardage situations. Stuff the run and use strategic blitzing on short downs to kill drives then on offense hold on to the ball, wear down the defense and finish drives.

This team is going to be very tough against the run especially if Harrison stays healthy, our main issue will be whether of not we can stop the middle of the field passing and QB runs. TE’s & RB’s have murdered us the last 10 years catching passes and we can never seem to tackle a running QB on 3rd down. If our LB’s step up and play well I expect our defense to be in the top 3-4 in the league in points allowed.

this is why you need a good pass rush. not a sack necessarily but to have the ball come out quickly. so with these offenses where the ball ALREADY comes out quick you need guys that can slow the receivers down for that one tic.

I think the design of the defense is to stop teams on 1st and 2nd downs and force predictable 3rd and longs. You hear Patricia talking statistics and probabilities in regards to tendencies and situational football. 3rd and long is the most predictable and favorable scenario for any defense. The sub packages from our personnel groupings is starting to come together.

I agree that our Achilles heal is still TEs and RBs getting loose on us. Still not sold that JD won’t get exploited all year long again.