Anyone else still in Fantasy?

Wild ride for me today.

Down 3, with 3 players to his 1.

I had:
Broncos D

They collectively shit the bed on me. 14 pts between the 3. So what went from a 91% win chance, had me projected to lose after the Rams game.

Up 11, he had Mike Evans left. Very thankful he shit the bed as well.

Fantasy Championship next week

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I overcame 75-25 odds in my opponents favor to come back today and reach the championship game. Let’s hear it for Jaylen Waddle! My wife is my opponent in the championship game, gonna be a fun week of cheap shots on both sides lol


Hope your couch is comfy


Completely sucked in all three of my leagues.

Fantasy has really changed, and sure isn’t as fun as it used to be. The injuries killed me this year.


I lost week one after going 13-1 with scoring the most points by over 250. Fantasy football can suck a coconut


I fantasize daily ….

Lost Hurts, and picked up Minshew, which got me through… finals next week.

A league from this forum … the Gotham Gremlins’ second title try in five years.
I want the win!
Russel Wilson was killing me this year. Going with Goff!

My league started late this year, playoffs start next week with the championship in week 18. So far I have a 13-1 record, but the concern is whether my players will still be in the hunt with something to play for.

I won last year, this year I had a 2 game lead on 2nd place going into the playoffs.
Right now, my opponent scored 95 points, I’m at 92 points with Michael Pittman and Gerald Everett to go tonight. I’m at 90% chance of winning, we’ll see what happens.
Had I started Dak instead of Tua, I’d already had won.

I was up by 2.5 playing against the rams defense in the last minute. Only way I could have lost was the pick TD. Then it happened. I have gone down a number of different ways but the rams D scoring 20+ was not expected.

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I’m going to lose this week. Will be playing for third place (get my entrance fee back). I had a middling roster and was lucky to get in.

Also, I always tell anyone who will listen (and since you’re kind of a captive audience) that I was a 99% chance to win my league last year until Najee ■■■■■■■ Harris ran in a meaningless 37 yard TD with 51 seconds left to end the Monday Night game. I lost by less than 4 points. That play cost me about $250.


After going 13-2 in the regular season, i need an Austin Ekeler 27 point miracle tonight.

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Adams and Hopkins were my starting WRs…I have Herbert, Everett, Dicker left down 55…Everett needs a career day for me to have a chance.

Won in my other league, ship next week. Started 0-5 and have won 8 straight. My team is unreal so would be very disappointed if I lost. How I started 0-5 is nuts with Hurts, Chase, Jacobs, Andrews, Kamara…someone dropped etienne and I got him off waivers. Also took Kenneth Walker so like I said, if I lose I’m gonna be heated!!! :joy:

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I was 3 for 5 winning leagues last year.

2 for 5 making the playoffs this year, one of them a 2 player keeper league I have Henry and Ekeler in (and will drop Henry next offseason for Josh Allen or AJ Brown).

That team is all thats left, its the Den OLD SCHOOL league. Im up 27 points on @REMRebound with Ekeler to go vs his Herbert, Everett and Dicker the Kicker. Odds say 60/40 me, but its really a crapshoot. I need an Ekeler receiving TD to feel comfy to move on to the finals against @MyLions


He’s getting at least 3 of them!! haha

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He’s done it multiple times this season.



half PPR for me

All 3 of my Dynasty leagues were disasters.
One was on purpose, as I piled up seven 1st round picks. 4 of them being in the top 6 picks.

My first re-draft league in 18 years actually went surprisingly well.
With Kupps injury late in the year, and early injuries to Javonte Williams, Breece Hall and Dobbins, I thought for sure I was dead.
Kenneth Walker, Ceedee Lamb, Jaylen Waddle and random spot starts from Mostert, Dillon, Knight and now a healthy Dobbins really helped recently.
Also having Hurts really makes winning the QB battle a breeze weekly.
Championship weekend coming up for me!

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I was going to message you yesterday that you’re a lucky bastard. Then I saw that you left Cam Akers on your bench so maybe not? But somehow today my odds of winning dropped by 5% since this morning, despite nothing actually changing as far as I can tell, so it seems like the universe has this one in the bag for you. I shake my fist at you, universe!