Anyone else think Stafford retires after this year?

With the garbage this team puts up with along with his wife’s health issues, would it surprise anyone if he walked away after this year? I don’t think the odds are as low as most of us probably think.

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Why? Leave the gravy train where you get paid 20 million dollars and you aren’t even required to win?

I think fans underestimate just how much of a competitor Stafford is. I think he will play another 5 or 6 years.


Exactly. Stafford has one of the best jobs in pro sports

Just wanted to bump this with this new info about his back.

Fractured bones in back, young children, wife recovering from brain tumor, team not winning, and more than enough money for him and his family. I’m not sure he plays much longer.

Absolutely not!

I don’t think he will but I for one sure as hell wouldn’t blame him or even be mad at him. I would be sad tho

No, he keeps playing.
Stafford will play as long as Farve had before he retires.

Depends on this injury. I really doubt he retires…but who knows…

The only legitimate opinion is to have no opinion
It totally depends on the prognosis, on which we have no idea
If he can play without long-term implications, he will be back
As someone said earlier, he is a competitor – football is his life
He may decide the risk is not worth it anymore – but at this point, who knows

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It’s mostly guaranteed money. There are zero expectations that he needs to meet. He doesn’t have to win. He is a really nice guy and the fans (mostly) love him just because he doesn’t suck like all the other Lions QBs have. He will just rehab until his contract is over and then chill out.

If he retired, I am sure the Lions would go after any signing bonus they could.
He will make $84.5 million over the next three years (After this season). He isn’t going to retire until that contract is over.

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2021 he will.

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No I don’t think he does

I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

Retired? Dunno.

Done here after 2021? For damn sure.

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I think people grossly underestimate his compete level. What’s he going to do after football? He’s been competing since he was a boy and he only has a few years left.

I would not be surprised one little bit. He’s got plenty of money, his wife had a major health scare and he’s got young kids. Plus, if he senses that Patty isn’t taking this team anywhere, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze anymore.


After this year, 50/50. Depends on his injuries and what the long term prognosis is. Hell, the man has a boatload of money already, so it ain’t that. He just likes to play football, and I think most of us get that. But what’s it going to cost him in terms of health and mobility 10-20 years after he hangs 'em up? It ain’t like this team is on the cusp of a run at the SB.

So - if it’s really bad then he’s done. 2 years in a row of this injury, he doesn’t need to end up in a wheelchair.

If it ain’t that bad, then he might come back in 2020 on a year by year basis. 2021 is the NFLPA contract year, there might not even be a season. My guess is, he’s gonna look at his health after this year and each year thereafter until he decides to retire. I won’t blame for whenever that happens.

This guy is usually spot on w injuries. If it’s a short term thing he should be okay at some point this year…

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After watching the video of the play they think he was hurt on, it really makes me wish he would slide more than taking the contact! I get he is tough as hell but sometimes you have to do the smart thing

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