Anyone have experiance buying tickets day of?

just curious if prices drop dramatically day of with people trying to get out of their seats… never looked

thinking about going but might just wait until tomorrow

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My wife would kill me but tomorrow would be a blast.

There’s a reason there are so few available. Some how an unfortunate circumstance has led a few people to try and sell them, but those people know how sold out this place is. Nothing is changing in my eyes.

65,000 people will be there, with another 265,000 that wish they could go. I could be terribly wrong, just sharing my opinion.

Sorry I’m not more help. I honestly don’t have a valid answer for your question because I’ve never tried before.

When they’re losing, tickets are plentiful and inexpensive.

But now that they’re winning? Good luck, but it can be done.

Get there early. Walk around with sign saying “I need X tickets”. You’d be surprised how often you can get tickets below face value from a group that bought extra. Walk around the tail gate areas especially.

Quick story. I took a date to the last Rose Bowl I went to (I’ve been to MSU once and 4 times for Michigan). We were just getting to an area where a bunch of merchandise vendors were and I said to her “I guess I should look at getting tickets now”. She gave me the “WTF” look. She was a hot traveling nurse that was working at our hospital (definitely above my pay grade) but I knew she was a Michigan fan and couldn’t resist if I asked her to the game. I swear, not 10 seconds after I said I was going to start looking for tickets, I saw a transaction at a hat vendor where a guy offered 2 tickets for 2 hats (hats were $15 each). The vendor said yes, I immediately swooped in and offered the hat vendor the same $15 each. Was a great day (Michigan won) and night (my date was most appreciative).

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If buying from scalpers, anyone have a problem with the ticket not being valid? I’ve heard with StubHub and tickets being sold online, that scalpers often will sell the tickets twice - online and paper ticket as well. Once code scanned at gate second ticket not valid.

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Probably not going to get a discount. Ford Field is at full capacity and they are selling tickets for the stand only section

It partially depends on what version of “sold out” the game is. Some games are sold out because fans have snagged up as many tickets as possible. But there are other times where scalpers have swooped in and grabbed a shit ton of tickets. If its scalpers, you have a shot because they have no reason to hold onto the tickets so they will dump them for cheap and move on to the next game.

I am the kind of person that will pay a premium for something just for the certainty and convenience of it. But if you are the kind of person that is flexible and willing to take a risk to save money…there is always the option of waiting until AFTER kickoff to snag tickets. And while I like to get to the game early and see warmups, etc…the meat of the game isn’t at the beginning anyways. Desperate scalpers are still working around the stadium and tailgating areas.

I got a ticket for $5 because of what you just said. It was an event where the rest of the group I was with had tickets bought in advance. We didn’t know I would be in town for the event, but when I was I tagged along. We literally parked next to a group that had an extra ticket because 1 person in their group couldn’t make it. As we were getting out of our car and were getting ready to look for a ticket, they walked up to us…explained their situation and offered the ticket for $10. My uncle immediately countered with $5 and they agreed. It was perfect.

Does she have a brother that can get you guys a suite at the Super Bowl, then you guys stop answering your phone for hours with no explanation? Asking for a friend. :joy:

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