Anyone having issues

With getting their Christmas gifts from eBay? My wife order gifts for me on the 7th, and said we would be getting them between the 14-19 of December. They have been stuck in Grand rapids since the 10th. I know there are bigger issues right now, but my wife has nothing for me under the tree and she is feeling really down.

The US Postal Service is in meltdown right now.

Most of Amazon and eBay ships USPS, so they’re extremely busy. On top of that, they have far more people on paid leave for reasons involving COVID than FedEx and UPS. My suspicion is that they just have a leave policy that is easier to take advantage of, but that is purely speculation.

I run a direct-to-consumer e-commerce company. We’re fine because we ship UPS, but the Amazon seller forum is ablaze. Customers aren’t happy, shippers aren’t happy, and the platforms (eBay, Amazon, etc.) aren’t happy.

It’s a total cluster jam for literally millions of people.

Hope that makes your wifey feel a bit better.

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It’s a mess. It is what it is.

I have been extremely mindful this year of when I bought, who I bought from and what shipping method I used. In the end I haven’t had any major issues, just a few hiccups along the way. I ordered on Amazon (prime delivery) or I chose the upgraded overnight or 2 day delivery options on everything…even when it looked like I could have easily saved a few bucks and “should” still get the product before Xmas. I didn’t take any chances.

As far as the carriers, I have found that Amazon Prime has been the best and most consistent. I have no idea what the logistics are behind prime. UPS has been right there with them. USPS has been hit and miss and it almost seems like who I bought it from and the delivery options mattered alot. Kind of like the company I buy from somehow impacts my pecking order.

FedEx lost my business going forward, not that I ever really chose them on purpose in the past. Things haven’t been super late but they have had issues, and their tracking tools have been a mess to deal with. When I called they pulled every trick and fake glitch they could to keep me from speaking to a real person. I have always had a feeling like FedEx was inferior to UPS over the years, but now its confirmed and some things that I had experienced in the past now come with a different perspective.

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Yes amazon has been great. The wife bought me a stocking stuffer gift (yes we do that) she ordered it on Saturday and got it today. My uncle works for fed ex has been working 10 hours a day 6 days a week. Ups seems not behind at all. Just the gifts have been sitting in GR for over a week. Plus she paid extra for delivery to get here on time.

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I’ve shipped a TON. USPS sucks. UPS is by far the best, in my experience. Fed Ex has literally delivered things to the wrong house twice.

I’ve had tons of issues (always resolved), with USPS. I’d avoid them whenever possible. Terrible, comparitively speaking.

Yeah they are behind, I just know people are struggling right now, and to not have gifts for Christmas sucks for kids. I collect things so ebay is cheaper for my wife to get me stuff. Amazon is overpriced for what I collect.

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USPS is hit or miss. Some ebay sellers are just not able to deal right now on top of it.

I order handpainted plates and bakeware from Poland for my SIL every year, and have done the upgraded shipping the last 4 years. This year, no upgrade option and we are back to 3 months shipping time. Meh.

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Mine are in michigan though,so they were shipped. It is what it is.

I favor FedEx over all the couriers for numerous reasons.

As far as orders go this year, I’m just 30 miles from the new Pontiac Amazon facility, so I’ve been seeing those Prime vans rolling up the driveway for the last couple months. 1 ebay package came usps a month ago from Chicago a day early, I’d you can believe that.

I feel for your wife. It’s no fun having the gift situation all figured out, just to have the rug pulled out from under you.

Just easy this year , let’s have patience and things will get much better next summer . Second quarter of next year is vaccination timeline for lions fans , hang in there

One of the gifts was something I’ve wanted for years. I’ll just wait I hope few more days.

Tell me what was your gift

I think it’s ncaa 14. But I have no clue

Ebay sez package out for delivery to mailbox via usps today.

Ebay sez package in mailbox at 515.

530 no package

630 no package

715 package.

Joe Burrow RC Prizm silver holo patch card, gift for.bro.

Pulled a $300 Red Cracked Ice Prizm Herbert RC from a Hanger box he got me for Christmas (gifts early as he is going to Turks and Caicos for Xmas, shithead). Thought the Burrow was thr least I could do. That Herbert card could be north of 1k next year.

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Nice pull.

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