Anyone see a response current cap estimate?

Looks like we should back Slay’s cap hit out.


Nick W

Minus Slay and Kennard


HV - Included
Collins - Included
Daniel - Included
Harmon - $4.5M
Nick W - 2yr/$10 - $4M Cap
Shelton - 2yr/$8M - $3.5M Cap
Trufant - 2yr/$21M - $9M Cap

Kennard - Included
Slay - $10.5 Savings
3 - $675K salary guys no longer part of top 51 calc - $2M Savings

Roughly $31.5M under cap


Thanks an we need to keep draft pick money an moves during season money ( space)

But we are in good shape for this season .

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Golladay - $10M+
Draft - $10M
Re-sign Various - $5M
Rainy Day - $6.5 (Approximate)

Am I missing something? Aren’t the top 51 salaries the only ones that count against the salary cap? Wouldn’t some of that draft capital be offset by that factor?

Deadstroke, if that’s close, that means that we still can land 1 large contract for a Clowney (which I am not saying we should) like contract, or 2 decent starters. A Suh (example) and another #2 CB. And still have room for draft players.

If we can/will do this, I would be happy with this off season. If Slay leaves, we for sure still need that other starting CB regardless.

Top 51 during off season. Week 1, everything counts, 53 man roster, practice squad, Injured Reserve, etc.

$31.5M - $10M for draft and in season transactions. Maybe $21M to play with. We need some players and potential extensions with Golladay and Decker?? . . . although both can be addressed next year as well.

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OTC forecasts 11 mil for the rookie pool.
Quinn doesn’t seem to operate with a low reserve going into the season. That said, we can knock 21 mil (11+10) off the top as an estimate.

When we sign our rookies, we will have roughly $11M player cap charges for our drafted rookies, but only $6.5M of that $11M will be applied to our cap, because everyone in round 5 or lower will not have a cap charge in the top 51 and the guys in round 1 through 4 will be replacing guys with a $675K-$700K cap charge.

Also, when we do final cuts, some players with higher cap charges will be removed and some of the rookies with lower cap charges (5th-7th draft picks and UDFA) will replace those guys, gaining cap space.

I don’t think Quinn has a set amount he wants to enter the season with, it’s about making good seasons (although sometimes I wonder). For me, I’d stick with $10M for the cap and in season transactions and $21M to play with. At the same time, we may be virtually done with FA, other than some low level roll players.

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Appreciate you, brother.

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Same, thanks!

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If the $250,000 per game roster bonus is accounted for as “likely to be earned,” that’s $4 Million in compensation over 16 games. There was another $250K workout bonus which they won’t have to pay.

plus 4,000,000
plus 250,000
minus 2,900,000 (dead cap for signing bonus)
=13,960,00 net

George, what am I missing here?

$250K for all 16 games, $15K per game.