Anyone think the defense is now a strength?

honest question, do you think the defense is improved? where do you think it will rank in 2020?



Health and new coaching …

We will see

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I think it’s better (others will disagree I’m sure) but this team will go as far as the offense takes them. That’s the strength of the team. If the defense can merely be mediocre, I think this team should make the playoffs as long as Stafford is healthy but that’s a big if.

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Going to have to see it before I say it’s better.


i want to see if we communicate any better in the secondary. After watching Harmon’s
Interview after the trade I was very impressed with his manner. Seemed incredibly mature, likable, communicative and so on. Let Walker slide over and concentrate on his own game and let Harmon be the air traffic control guy. I think that could in theory make a good bit of difference.

Okudah, Trufant, Coleman, AO, Harmon, Walker, etc.

If we’re healthy is no reason that we shouldn’t have a good coverage unit.

Scheme pressure if you have to, Patricia. BC you got some dudes on the back end.

Collins play not falling off is going to be pivotal as well. I hope we don’t get Cleveland Collins.

If we start out average or even top 2/3s, I’d be thrilled.

In an ideal world, this is what happens:

  1. Trufant is an upgrade to last years CB2, who’s name escapes me for some reason. Okudah steps in and plays as well as Slay has the past few years, that being borderline pro-bowl level while flashing upside. Owaraye (I know I spelt that wrong, no need to remind me) continues to progress and next year can take over at 2 and we can cut Trufant.

  2. Jamie Collins is able to be who he was on the patriots, a playmaker who can rush the passer and cover tight ends. Wow we could use that. Jahlani Tavai takes over MLB role and Christian Jones does what he does… nothing spectacular but perhaps doesn’t let up too many big plays? I dunno, dude hasn’t blown me away with his production or ability.

  3. Trey Flowers is gonna get you 8-10 sacks, not much more but not any less. And set the edge well. Danny Shelton will be an upgrade over an upset Snacks I feel. Hand comes back and progresses after his rookie year and gets 8-10 sacks. Okwara bros get 12 sacks and all the sudden we have a pass rush.

This is an ideal world, which as lions fans, we have not been afforded that luxury. Is this unit improved? The defense more or less looks the same with a few more exciting and talented players tossed in. I’m expecting to be in the 18-24 total defense range. But if everything goes right, the good guys could be a top 14 defense in the league. Wouldn’t hold your breath on that one.

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Many things have to happen for a D to suck as bad as ours did last year.
#1 thing being health (Should be better this year)
#2 thing being talent (definitely better this year)
#3 scheme Big question mark?
From the looks of things, we are definitely drafting DL next year. If we can get a nice impact player on the DL we have the best chance. As for now, I see the ceiling as 17th ranked…maaayyyybe 15th…more likely 23rd?

Offense stays on the field, its gonna help, but I still dont’ trust the DL. Have to create some pressure from somewhere. I see teams being able to run against us again too. D is not a strength unless we land a major impact FA.

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Hi ding dong been a long time , wb !!

–I think our secondary is improved. Imo Trufant and Okudah is preferable to Slay and whoever was getting abused on the other side.
–LB’s might be better. Davis has likely peaked as an average LB, but Collins is a decent piece and I’d expect Tavai to show some growth in year 2.
–Dline has regressed, and I don’t think the back 7 improvements can compensate.
–Scheme still sucks until proven otherwise.

Overall, I have a hard time believing defense will be a strength. I think it will look a lot like last year. Marginally improved, but teams will still pile up yardage due to our inability to create pressure.


0 pass rush. End of story.

I also expect Collins to be a bust of a signing.

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On paper, yes. But we will have an even better O than last year if Staff stays healthy so we only need to have a D that can keep pace with KC and GB like last year and out gun them this time. You notice that both those teams picked RB’s early this year in the draft too? And last year they both had improved D’s.

We are trying to put together the improved D this year (what they did last year to get deep into the playoffs) with an improved run game this year too (since both teams saw how SF was a tough matchup with a bevy of RBs to deploy and a talented D line - running and stopping the run).

Hey man for real welcome back…post more often !

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Defense was supposed to be a strength last year. If the front 4 can get some pressure then sure. But I’m not suggesting anything new. It’s always been that way. Sometimes it just isn’t noticed much. A poor, no pressure front 4 does stand out, though.

I think I can get behind some of the ideas on here. barring injuries

We have a brand new starting safety in Harmon and two new starting CB in Trufant and Okudah. We have a new starting DT in Shelton and I’m willing to believe Collins makes the starting lineup.

Hmmm I’ve just been bit too many times, you see.

But, depth is the key. I just see a lot of icebergs!

We have to assume the guys making the bank should be starting. Those guys inherit the pressure to succeed. Our defense is more about the Elijah Lee’s and Austin Bryants. The Kearse and Okwaras’s’s

Taking the time to finally come back on here. A lot of downtime on my hand. Got time to sift through these conversations


I mean who knows? So many here last year (myself included) though our defense was super bowl quality until the season actually started… /shrug

I’d say it’s going to be better in 2020 only because: (1) it couldn’t get much worse than 2019; and (2) if Stafford stays healthy, the offense will do a better job of scoring points and sustaining drives, which will keep the defense off the field more.