April 29: I Really Like Who We Selected at #2, Even Though

…it surprised me and I wrote at the time that both Brad and Dan should be fired before the 2nd round starts. I want to apologize to everyone I may have offended in the process of ‘splainin’ myself and why this 4.21 RAS imbecile turd couldn’t carry my favorite player’s jock strap to the washing machine without tripping on his 4.97 3-cone feet.

After praying to the porcelain god and sleeping off the Jack Daniel’s on the bathroom floor, I’ve come to understand why Team Kumbaya chose presumptive rookie of the year ____. I now see him as a culture fit and that he’s not abrasive, but merely, um, unique. I’ve learned that his traits are not disqualifiers, but merely, um, insignificant outliers. I’ve mistaken his, um, earnestness for rage. It’s clear that I never should have doubted Brad and Dan.

I won’t do that again!!


4.97 3 cone would be hyper speed. draft that guy

Oops, I was thinking shuttle. Must’ve been the Jack Daniels…


Baby Hate GIF


This looks like the eventual ending of the Prometheus trilogy, that thankfully will never be completed because


So disappointing…

@REMRebound agrees, right?

How the hell do you start a documentary series like that and not even finish it???

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No, “even though”. It’s the pick I always wanted, but, didn’t think possible.
I didn’t think I’d be happy to trade up, but, I ecstatic with the first round picks.

Old habits die hard. I was preparing myself as if Millen and Quinn were still the GM. Lions PTSD strikes again.

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