Are Lions Fans the dumbest of all or what?

We went nearly 60 years without a real QB and now there is a crowd saying lets trade and find another. They don’t grow on tree’s folks.


The last 4 drafts have produced 11 current starting QBs, 2 of which have already been named league MVP and a super bowl MVP… They’re not as hard to find as you’d think. The 2021 draft might be the best year yet


Well my pentatonic friend, There were many many many QB’s that the Lions didn’t pick and a shit ton of lousy ones they did. You don’t let go of a good one until you have the other at the very least in hand on the team that is better.


They are hard to find I get it, but this is a probable rebuild, as he’s been in the league 12 seasons now. It’s not that crazy an idea.
I’m good either way. QB’s continually prove to half the longest shelf life of non kicker players.

I think QB’s coming out of college are a lot better than they used to be. More prepared. I don’t think it is as hard to find one as it used to be. I also think we have a HC that has an eye for QB talent and I would take advantage of that while he is still with us.

But I do agree. Stafford is the best WE have ever had.

Yes we are for still rooting for them.


Gus Ferrote was best the best so far , atleast he did a headbutt on the side board. Yeah fans are just like owners , don’t know what accountability is and just worship.

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I think some folks on here are going to be in for a rude awakening when Stafford at some point isn’t on this team and the new QB actually throws interceptions, takes a sack, goes 3 and out, and doesn’t go 30 for 30 and 400 yards every game.

Their false reality is going to be shattered.


I am okay with the lions trading Stafford or him wanting out. I am fine with it bc I want stafford to succeed and win that championship. I do not think stafford leaving is going to turn out well for the Lions. I’m intrigued by the idea of Saleh and a innovative regime coming in but I am also skeptical of the lions getting it right. So let Stafford go to a real team and the lions continue losing until proven otherwise.

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I want to see what Stafford can do on a great team. If Stafford is as great as some say, then he will have his chance to shine.


Nah, I’m cool with keeping Stafford and paying him a shit ton of money just to get his ass kicked the next couple years during the rebuild, all while that $ taking up a good chunk of the salary cap that could be spread elsewhere across the team; instead of having a cheap qb we could draft this year thay sits for a year or two while a low rent cheap QB take the lumps behind center while the new GM builds the team. Totally makes sense to keep Stafford, hell, he may very well retire halfway through this next rebuild because he’s tired of getting his ass kicked for a below .500 team thats going nowhere the next cpl years, he still get paid a giant chunk, smart.

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OL is decent, and we have Swift. We are a player or two away from Matt NOT getting his ass kicked. OL has a solid core, and with less predictability/more run help, Matt is in the best situation he’s been in in detroit (I know, not saying much).

It’s SO hard to say what happens. Truly, we are all just using our imagination and making shit up… some of us have better stories than others, and some are ultra-committed to “my story is best.” Truth is, none of us have a friggin’ clue.

I say, if you’re aware that you are using your imagination, use it to have fun, build love and connection in your life…not make everyone that disagrees with you a moron, so you can be a legend in your own mind.

Not directed toward you - toward everyone.
I’m not sure if Bevell stays/goes as an OC? Maybe we have a lot of pieces. Maybe we don’t and we do switch it up completely? None of us have a clue. Way too many variables. Some dudes could experience more peace if they get over themselves.


Well it’s just football, not trying to get that deep with it…I digress, sure the O may be ok, but the D is in such bad shape, it’s gonna take 2 years min for a new regime to get their guys in here for whatever system they run. Unless the O puts up 30+ a game, there’s no reason to keep/pay Stafford if we’re not going to be competetive until he’s 36 years old…could spend that money elsewhere, and spend that time grooming a new, young QB for when the team is closer as a whole. I’m not opposed to keeping Stafford next year, but unless this team goes above .500 next season and is trending up, no way am I re-signing him to a new, huuuuge, contract. Imo, thats not really “using my imagination”, thats just reality.


he’s the 13th highest paid QB 2020 Quarterback Contracts and Salaries | Over The Capaccording to OTC.

Completely agree w/all of this. I hate the idea of Matt leaving…I hated the idea of Barry leaving…Suh…you get the idea. I know I’m gonna have to move on eventually. LOL

I definitely see where you are coming from w/the salary cap idea, and there is a high likelihood that is the best scenario, or a very good one at the very least. Feels like Matt’s contract makes him extremely hard to move next year. This could be the year we draft his replacement and start training him?
I dunno what Daniels contract is like? can we cut him this year?

So many moving parts.

For now, what about when his contract is up soon? Gonna make him the highest paid QB in the league again when he’s 35?! Or let him go after next year (pending the team is looking real good/trending up)…it’s a big picture look at the future. It all comes down to where this team is at the end of next season tbh, it could go either way, but a good GM would be prepared for either outcome.


I like it. Would like to see them start thinking about Matt’s replacement. I won’t be upset if they do it this year, or next. I think Matt’s contract has 3 more years, but next year is hard to get out of the contract. After that, the Lions can bail early (if memory serves me).
I’d like to see someone learn under 9, then step in totally prepared, used to NFL, etc

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Nailed it

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Stafford’s a GOOD quarterback - and the best a franchise that has ONE playoff win in 62 years…ever had.

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Tell that to CHI, Jax, Den and many other teams who cycle these young picks out every few years looking for the answer.