Are the Lions brass poising?

I’m getting that Same Old Lion baaaad feeling about the search and hire of GM & HC…I wonder if Shelia, Wood, and company are actually .doing a lengthy, proper, educated, and thorough search , OR just going through the motions and already have who they want? This thing has me pretty worried mostly because Caldwell was their most competent hire since a very long time. this-is a HUGE decision.
Get it right? and this team finally begins a winning era bearing fruit for the first time. Get the hire wrong? and we stay exactly the same for another long ace…miserable ride.

I try to ponder that which I can control - I cant control this sadly…

SO, I will run with the hope we win Sunday, and stay in contention for a WC spot… !!

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ah wise words Grasshopper.

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I know what you mean. I hope they really take the time to get it right. The first order of business is a GM.

My biggest problem with the previous regime, and believe me I gave them plenty of rope, too much, is that they basically thought talent didn’t matter. They had enough hubris to believe that it was all about coaching and developing players to fit the system. Talent is secondary to scheme fit. And I believe that got them in a huge amount of hot water, and made them make dumb moves.

Alway looking for the positive, we have a huge change in mindset imho with Shelia… she is not her mom or dad.

Now, is this drastically changed owner and mindset going to be better or worse!?!

I have no clue but I hope it is!!