Are there concerns or trepidation about the 2020 season that you have?

I’m going to admit I’m quite nervous about the outcome of the season. I don’t know if we crossed a bridge on over to a better place or not.

myself? I find it hard to totally relax and take it easy heading into the 2020 season.

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My trepidation is that there is no football. If we suck, oh well I’ll take what I can get. Just want my pop culture back. That kind of makes me feel like a plebe but that’s the honest truth.

I like our roster for the most part. Very nervous about our HC. It’s pretty hard for me to formulate what that all means.

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I’m not nervous so much as curious because of the vast unknowns. Awkward scenarios will play out like some writer suggested like your star LT tests positive for Covid-19 on gameday. Of course, he can’t play, but what about the defensive players who practiced against him all week and haven’t tested positive…yet?

As far as the team goes, my annual evaluation is that they can’t be as bad as last year. Injuries aren’t likely to be a crippling, team chemistry should be better, and we might even be a threat to convert 3rd and 2 by running the ball. Who would have thunk?

well Matt Patricia is in his second year now and he has the aid of the new defensive assistant , can’t remember his name currently drawing a blank lol.

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Same amount of trepidation I had when people said there could be a lockout before the deal got down and the same reasoning: both would take a year of prime away from stafford. If he was year 7-8 I would not care at all what happens if we lose a season or not…but when a dude has only maybe 3-4 more PRIME years…it matters…perhaps some hope he gets traded or retires in the near future…I’m not one of them…

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No more then any other year. I mean, I know this year is different with the pandemic. But I’m a Lions fan. I always hope they’ll be good. Then the season happens. I’m not expecting a change.

Easy pluckings: Matt Patricia. The more I look at this roster, the more I like it. MP has no excuse. If he has a losing record this year, the firing is well deserved.

He’ll be in his third year

My trepidation is the DL, specifically the DTs. If Hand was healthy and plays the whole season then I’d feel better about it, but he’s a huge ? right now. How good will Williams and Shelton be? Penisini might turn out to be a decent rotation guy in the middle, but it’s hard to believe a 6th round pick is going to offer much in his rookie year.

I’m with CH. It’s not just that we might not have football, rather it’s more like “Lions luck” that would derail us just as I was gaining hope in the roster we’ve assembled.


he was hired for Detroit Febuary 5th , 2018. in 2020 , he will be in his second season as HC.

He coached the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Well, he “coached” them to be more exact.

Cub, Yes he was hired in February of 2018, he then coached the season that same year. Year one.

Last year was his second…2019.

2020 is year three bro.



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Nope he went 6-10 year 1 and 3-12 -1 his 2nd. This is his 3rd.

yeah for some reason I was thinking it was 2021…his 3rd. but all you guys are right.

Dude! I’m a 52 year Lions fan.
Is there even such a thing?


Same as every year under Quinn:

How does this team put pressure on a QB and force bad throws?

What will happen if we go 14-2 and then lose our playoff game at home?!