Are we seeing same thing in Glenn like in Teryl Austin?

Teryl Austin looked good in his first year, then we wanted caldwell to be replaced by him. Glenn also looked good in his first year. After that austin couldnt stop anything even cost caldwells job. Glen couldnt stop the run in first game too and i see a repeat

All I will say is that for all the praise Aaron Glenn gets from media/coaches/etc., I would like to see more success on defense on the field.


Until he utilizes Hutchinson like he had success at michigan I’m not a believer.

Hate to break it to you… but Glenn didn’t look good last year


Glenn was asked to make chicken soup out of chicken poop last year.

This year we’ve upgraded to feathers, beaks and feet…

Its another year to where we have enough talent on D to see how good Glenn is or isn’t.

Right now it’s a few placeholder below average vets, a couple young guys that have found their footing after 2-3 years, and a lot of 1st and 2nd year guy churn.

There is no All Pro on this defense, let alone have it be something stupid like having Bosa/Mack/James/Jackson/Van Noy/Samuel and a few good fillers like LAC.


A little hyperbole, it’s one game and it was there QB that was hurting us most , and not on designed runs but broken pass plays.


Nope. Here is the big difference. Austin actually had talent in his first defense.


agreed…. losing 2 top players is a big deal….

Suh and Levy combined to start 32 games in 2014.
They combined to play 1 game for the Lions in 2015.

Suh left and Levy was never a factor after 2014.


Also Stephen Tullioch basically ended his career celebrating a sack that year too. Levy was the biggest disappointment. He was really an excellent player before the infamous dickfish incident.

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Yea I like AG but honestly he’s not really done anything special with this defense. I get he didn’t have alot to work with but he’s got a few more pieces this year and so far it looks like not much has changed imo. Eagles are a good team so hopefully we see some improvement this game.

Thanks for that stroll down Lionsy Lane…

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I would argue that Teryl Austin was asked to do the same thing after 2014. Particularly in 2016. Watching his playcalling in 2016 sucked, but in a way it was genius for the talent that we had. And what Austin was calling was a function of Jim Caldwell being a good head coach who knew how to marry up the offensive and defensive playcalling to create a winning formula. With a lack of talent across the board, Austin’s goal was to keep us in the game close enough to have a shot at winning. Don’t get blown out the way Patricia’s defenses did. Give Matt and the offense a chance at pulling it out. We hated watching it, but when you go back and look at how void of talent the defense was, it was our only hope.


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