Are we seeing the beginning of the end of Hockenson as a Lion?

Imo, he’s injured often enough , he’s only been targeted 14 times in the last two games kicking off our 2022 season , and he’s not making any ‘eye-popping’ plays , and in my estimation? not playing as hard/trying as hard as I would like…probably injured again. so , is he on borrowed time here?

I mean, 14 targets through 2 games is good enough for #8 in TE targets through 2 weeks. But yeah, the rest is true. I don’t know if he’s on his way out, but he surely isn’t helping his case for a big $ contract.


i think he’s playing hard, but at the same time, I’m not sure I like his body language. For some reason, when Goff got comfortable with ARSB, the chemistry with Hock went south.


I dont know if he is done here, but i wouldnt offer him a huge contract to come back. Whats the average salary for starting TEs not on rookie contracts?

He’s hurt again?

I think theyre going to offer him a reasonable contract and he is going to bolt to be overpaid by another team.

Holmes will pick up a TE late in the draft.


We already did that with Mitchell but we may do it again.

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hip bothering him i believe Karl.

I think so too. However, the “overpaid” part may be changing. Used to be that teams picking up someone on the Lions were thinking there’s plenty of untapped potential that they could unlock (VanNoy, Tomlinson, Warford, Golladay (lol)). If we’re a bonafide contender and Hock is still struggling, he may not be sought after so highly. On the other hand, all it takes is one who thinks he’s a hidden gem.

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Here is a look at TE contracts sorted by AAV.
This is a little misleading with contracts like Waller’s deal, which was a 3 year extension (2024, 2025, 2026) that added $51 million in new money… but that $51 million is actually paid out over the next 5 years.

Also… Gesicki and Schultz are playing on the franchise tage for $10.9 million this year. That number will certainly go up some before 2024 (the year Hock would possibly be franchised)… and I just don’t like the idea of paying Hock more than figure at this point.
He hasn’t shown to be a dynamic YAC guy, and this isn’t going to get better after his age 25 season.

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that video was posted in the “extend Hock” thread…
and my take on that Youtuber… is that he is fitting his analysis to fit his narrative. He had some really sloppy miscues calling out the wrong coverage, failed to realize the play design to scheme a certain player open, and not even getting a down-and-distance situation correct.

I can’t take that guy seriously if he can’t get those details right.

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I could see him in an offense that features the tight end unfortunately there’s very few offenses that do maybe Ravens but they have Andrew’s.
This is why you never draft tight ends that high especially the way the game is played now. Just another bad pick by quintricia!!

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He’s not a dominant blocker, he doesn’t get great separation, does not have elite wheels, and 50 / 50 balls are pretty much 50 / 50 balls with him. He’s a slightly above average TE and should only be paid as much. If Mitchell turns out to be equal or better I would let Hock walk and see if Brad can hit on another TE.


I thought we just did?

I totally forgot because he has been injured.

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14 targets accounts for 2nd most on team

Carry on

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If I am the GM of the Lions I pay a lot of guy more $ before I pay Hock top dollar.

RBs ain’t making crazy $ this overall…I would rather extend Swift and Jamaal Williams versus paying Hock that kind of scratch.

I would extend LOG Jonah before I extended Hock too and I am paying CB Amani O. before I pay Hock.

I do love Hock, I want him to retire a Lion but there are three guys I would extend over him if necessary (Swift, AO, Jonah).


2023 will probably be Hockenson’s last year here. MCDC missed the boat on extending him at a decent price.

For whatever reason, Goff seems to have trouble connecting with the TE. He had that problem when he was in LA too. Higbee’s stats were never that good in LA and his stats doubled last year when Stafford got there.

Probably going to lose him in 2024. I’d say 50/50 on if we get a comp pick for him, we may be targeting UFA’s in 2024 that would cancel out.


with guys like Njoku, Goedert, and Knox all getting $13 million plus on their extensions… I don’t think Hock’s agent would have signed for anything less…. and I sure as heck wouldn’t want to commit that kind of money to him.

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