Are we talking maybe using Erhardt-Perkins

under new OC Bevell?
I think Patricia is conservative and this offensive model worked under Charlie Weiss in New England. We know the ground game is important and a guy with an OL background that is even more true. But, the four remaining teams in the playoffs are all offensive machines, so…Air Coryell, Ted Marchibroda, Andy Reid, is it possible we see another offense running this offense next year. Air raid, pistol, run and shoot, west coast offense, are all adaptations.
This would be my biggest question of Patricia/Bevell. I see the Lions acquiring at least two receivers and two TE. I think WR 1/2 are filled but WR 3 and two TE are pieces we need

Sure, go out and get a solid WCO OC and make him convert to the fad of the day.
I’m sure that’s what they will do. This is the Lions.

The fad of the day is the Erhardt-Perkins offense which is an off-shoot of the west coast offense, which was a derivation of AirCoryel, from the nineteen seventies. Belicek is using it and he credited the 70’s coach of the Lions for teaching him about it, so if you mean the fad which has been morphing in the NFL from the 1970’s offense run by San Diego, then yes.

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As much as people like to use certain terms and buzzwords for offenses, we have really reached the age of “checkdown or touchdown” – there is very little in between. It seems like MOST of the league’s offenses have roots of some sort that have WCO influences.

If the WCO is Mexican food, the current offenses are at least trying to be Taco Bell. Yeah, it’s not the same, but they definitely steal ideas from the original thing.

Man. When I’m stressed I come up with some really stupid analogies. Carry on.

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Rick Forzano, who died last week.