Arizona game designations

#Lions Week 1 injury report:

Questionable: Davis, Hand, Melvin, Ragnow

Everyone else good to go. Trey Flowers was a full participant today.

My take: Davis out, Hand not likely
Melvin, no clue
Ragnow plays


Thank you sir!

I find it interesting that Davis is listed as “Questionable” and not “Out”

Probably just Patricia not wanting to let the other teams know for sure that he wont play

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That’s exactly what it is… I expect all of our injuries to be listed as questionable most of the season

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Arizona Cardinals best writer Katherine Fitzgerald on Twitter:

· 1h

Kingsbury said starting right tackle Marcus Gilbert “got banged up yesterday,” but would not say he needed an MRI on his knee. Re-emphasized that he is confident in recently acquired Justin Murray & Brett Toth

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Why don’t you have some decorum, sit up straight, and check the report?

Have some respect for the process

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

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