Arizona game predictions

Assumptions: Flowers and Ragnow play, Davis, Melvin, and Hand don’t. Melvin might play, but I’m not sure it’ll make much difference.

I see the Lions run defense shutting down David Johnson, even without De’Shawn Hand and Jarrad Davis. The question is containment of Murray, do they force him into making some bad throws and decisions, or does he escape often enough to put points on the board for AZ? AZ’s OL is not good and I think our DL will pretty much control them.

The other question is our offense, playing against a team without both of their starting corners. And this was not a very good defense in the 1st place, so the only thing that should slow down the Lions O is the Lions O, with drops and penalties and blocking mistakes.

Stuff happens, but I’m not seeing anything like last year’s debacle happening this year. We have players missing, but so do they, including their starting RT. So, I have it Detroit 27 AZ 10. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Lions don’t get a defensive score.

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I’ve got
Lions 34
Cardinals 10
Lions win battle of field position, do a decent job of controlling the clock. Cards have a couple of big plays, but are erratic, with nothing sustained.
3 turnovers, and the D accounts for 10 points.

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If Murray is going to be their weapon on the ground, they’re going to need a new QB by game 8. It’s good to have a mobile QB in the NFL, but there is a pretty long list of guys who have gone down doing just that the last few years. I would play the safeties up, make him beat you with his arm.


We made Sam Darnold look like a Hall of Famer last year in his first game. We might make Kyler Murray look even better. We’red the Lions.

That’s not nice.

I will go with 27-17 Lions.
gotta contain Murray, if our DE’s fly past him we are going to be in trouble and he will gash us. I believe this game comes down to our offense executing at a high level and attacking there inexperienced CB’s and staying ahead of the chains. This game will also come down to adjustments coming from the head coaches! Halftime adjustments could be make or break

Hey Yooper! Glad to see you’re still walking around, there was some concern that somebody named Yooper something passed away. Glad it wasn’t you.

Last year was last year IMHO. I don’t think it’s gonna a happen twice in a row.

I’m definitely concerned about the Arizona pass rush getting to Stafford. The last couple years in particular Stafford’s ball security has been suspect at best when pressured or sacked Etc. But I still think that they’ll pull this one out 24-20

Lions getting their feet wet in the new offense
Slow, sloppy start like much of the league
But they do enough to score 3 touchdowns and a couple FG
Hockenson has a BIG first game
Pro Bowl talk type game

Defense has Murray running all day
I hope he gets thumped good one time (but not injured)
Just a welcome to the NFL type thump

Lions 27
Cardinals 9

It won’t be pretty, but Kyler will be the talk of the week after he does “just enough” to get the new Arz era started. 20-13 Cards. Murray only throws for 134 yds, but rushes for 80, with a great scampering 35 yd TD in the 4th qtr which will be replayed all over the shows all week.

I’m so so worried we’ll come out looking unprepared and like crap. It’s tough to say, but this is a must win for Matty Patty.

Jeff…Jeff…Jeff…or…Is it Bruce?


Lions OL vs ARZ pass rush. ARZ runs a one gap system that’s designed to get up field and after the QB. The Lions OL has struggled with defenses that do this well. Wagner vs Chandler Jones is a huge mismatch for the Lions. I expect us to keep a TE in to help block.

ARZ run D vs Lions run game. Arizona had a poor run D last year and has done little to help it. They have struggled with big backs and CJ had a monster 167 yrd game against them last year. I expect a heavy dose of CJ. If the Lions have big success running the football than I think they will win.

ARZ OL vs Lions front 7. The cards OL is suspect and down their starting RT. Their spread offense will open things up for their run game but also open things up for the Lions pass rush. How well our LBers fill the gaps and how well we hide the blitz’s will be a key to this game. Containing Murray won’t be an easy task.

Stafford vs ARZ DB’s. With ARZ having their two starting DB’s out their forced to start a rookie CB. Stafford should be able to exploit the match ups. That is if the OL gives him time to do so. I’m expecting us to roll Stafford out and two keep a RB home to help with the pass rush.

Murray will take shots vs our secondary and I expect the Lions to have opportunities for INTs. Murray is known to force the Ball into tight situations. We have to make him pay for that.

I think this game is closer than people think but I like the Lions chances.

Lions 24 - ARZ 20

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Lions 30
Az 24