Arm chair GM

The sports world has left me analyzing the draft from so many angles. I am so bored and just want to start some conversation. I visit here often for the latest rumors but now time to post! My friends and I do a mock rd 1 draft with a point system every year. You can score points several different ways.

Anyway, if you were running the following three teams, would you make these moves?

Let me know what you think!

As far as the lions go, I really don’t see a scenario I like other than Chase Young at 3. And it sounds very unlikely with the new Tua rumors that a team would trade up to 2. There isn’t a trade down that really appeals to me because players available at 5/6 I don’t think will be worth the pick. I don’t want to see a CB, I want us to sign one. And I don’t like the value of either DT. But a trade down is a must if chase isn’t available. So I would prefer a OT at 5/6 :man_shrugging:t2: (I’m assuming Simmons goes to the giants). Praying Tua news is smoke so the lions can backdoor into chase young :pray:t2:

Anyway check out these scenarios for other teams!

I think the odds are likely that the Lions will trade down from #3 if the 1st two picks are Burrows and Young. What they get in return is hard to say, depends on whether a bidding war starts up for Tua or not. If the Lions stay at 3, I believe they’ll take Okudah even though Simmons might be the slightly better player. That’s cuz they got LBs but they really need a starting CB more than another LB. And Q&P loves to build up that secondary.

If the Lions trade down, they’ll still take Okudah if he’s still on the board. If not, then it gets to be wide open. Maybe Simmons if he’s there, maybe Brown, maybe the best OT. One thing, the draft isn’t supposed to be about this year, but also the next 5 years. So, positional value means something. But if they draft Tua I’m quittin’. They ain’t that good, and they ain’t that deep that they can afford to take a guy that ain’t going to do squat for 2 years ahead of a potential pro-bowler at #3.

Seeing as you have povided three trades, I see any trade for washington getting a second round pick for Williams as good for Washington.
I don’t think the Odell the Vikings get is worth what they think. Still getting him and maybe an environment that isn’t so media driven might revive his career. I think Cleveland loses if they keep him or trade him. No win situation.