Article on Offense and Defense spending for current year

I did a quick analysis in a thread earlier this offseason, using info from This info from Jason is, I’m sure is better. The number is based on APY for players under contract (not cap hits that can be easily manipulated).

On offense, we are spending just over the league average. Understandable considering the 2nd contracts for Decker/Ragnow, UFA contract for Vaitai and the premium contract for Goff.

On defense the league average APY spent on defense is $102M. Our defensive spending is around $84M (25th in league).

The average APY spending is $223M and the Lions are at $211M. The Bears ($135M), Falcons ($157M) and the Giants ($168M) are all in reboot mode. The Browns ($274M), Bucs ($265M), Eagles ($261M) and Bills ($259M) are all-in.

Might not tell us anything we didn’t know or suspect, but it does lay it out nicely.


Bears look like they are in Year 2 of a 7 year rebuild…

If we lose to the Bears, I will curl up in the fetal position, suck my thumb and cry.


I predict they will fire that GM before they have a real chance of being relevant again. Not sure what the offseason plan was? They didn’t surround 2nd year quarterback Fields with any offensive talent and basically gave us Jamo for free. Hire a defensive minded coach to not groom your talented quarterback. I guess time will tell, but I don’t think they have the right people at the top.

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could be why our defense stinks bc your pay rate is 25th in the damn league !! kind of sends the message you are not going to get paid well here…if your a defensive player…

I would understand 7th or even 10th…but 25th is BS.

Explain to me how the bears gave us Jamo for free? I’m confused.

I think he confused the Bears with the Vikings.

Looks like we are third in spending on the OL. Will be interesting to see what we do with Vaitai. I guess we have Jackson to think about too.

the Eagles are lucky Hurts is still on a rookie contract, they are really spending high elsewhere. If I were them, I’d go QB in next years draft to see if they can get lucky and keep their QB costs down.

Oooops I did lol :joy:

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easy to do - hated rivals from our division that wear dark uniforms.

I think they go into tear down mode year after next, in what will essentially be an 11-15 year, 3-4 staff multi-rebuild. :wink:

I’m not sure what makes me want to drink more. The thought of losing to the bears this season or that image of you in my head doing that. lol


If vaitai plays as well or better than he did last year you keep him. Not only for continuity along the line but a season like that would make him one of the better guards in the league. His contract isn’t bad for that level of play.

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After year 1, I thought Vaitai was an easy cut after his guarantees ended (after year 2).
After year 2, I thought he was a bargain for year 3 and probably year 4

He has some escalators for 2023 and 2024, that if healthy, he probably earns. If he plays like he did last year, I think we keep him for his $10M or so base in 2023.

When the OL is as good as they’ve been, it’s not a bad thing to have cap dollars allocated their, makes QB, RB, WR’s all better.