Article on our new DC

Good article… same stuff but written in a decent way imho

“That aggressiveness is what he needs to bring to the table in Detroit.”


That aggressiveness cost them the game against Seattle. Seattle goes into max protect on a 3rd and long, Schwartz dials up an all-out blitz, leaving two defenders to cover 2 WR’s with no help. I imagine Undlin has some thoughts about that kind of aggressiveness that’s in line with Matt more the Jim.


It was a pretty good read.

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I like the writers idea of him bringing a different perspective to the current scheme of things… I love tradition(s) and all things traditional but value truth over all… this

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Nice read - thanks!

It makes you wonder if slay and this guy click, does slay decide to stay and play … yes it rhymes!

Patricia needs to let his new def coordinator call the plays or he will be unemployed after next yr

Why would Patricia let his future as a HC rely on a rookie DC and play caller? Only a fool would do that.


It’s all ready been said that Patricia was going to call the plays early on and ease the new guy in

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This makes a lot of sense for me, for a new HC - a first time HC… They mention in this article the success with Bevell. = They bring in a guy with a firm idea of what he wants to do that complements their’s - but let him go on his own - and you see some semblance of success.
We saw this with Rod Marinelli here - a true HC cannot be too much of a player’s coach, or, too specialized to one side of the ball. (MP is both.) It lacks the oversight that a true HC should have.
Given Undlin’s ‘variety’, I’d hope MP is bucking that trend – but – I’m not encouraged by his newness at the head coordinator position or by the NE connection.
I hope this guy’s headstrong, that’s all I can say. PP was a patsy. Despite what MP may’ve thought, that doesn’t help out a new HC trying to find his way.

That article was a big nothing burger.

Summary: Defense was bad. Must fix! Will Patricia call plays?

^^^ Covered that article in 9 words

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I’m not seeing that quote in the article.

I was wanting to see the context, because on the surface I kind of disagree with your take.

I much prefer an aggressive defense, and don’t think it should be judged by isolating one play.

It’s been a few days, but if I remember correctly they broke it down into multiple pages to force clicks. It’s in there.

It wasn’t one play, by the way. Must have been NBCsports that spotlighted Schwartz’s calls, because they labeled him the goat for that weekend. (not “goat” in a good way) 2 plays for crucial gains were highlighted.

Schwartz took things to an extreme. I’d love to hear Undlin’s real thoughts on that.