A'Shawn Robinson on Patricia: Daaaaamn

I see weasel shared this already. But in particular was this quote from AShawn; if it says what I think it does (and provided it’s true) then Fatricia should never coach again.

I’d add this: it’s clear it wasn’t a few bad apples that Patricia was trying to purge. He was evidently a complete dick, no one liked him, and they still don’t.


Yeah, I think there were a lot of people on here that were saying MP was the problem…and then some others that thought that Diggs and Slay and all the others were. It seems like the first group was right.


Why does it seem that way?. Every team has layers who just want to collect their paychecks and yet don’t give full focus and training dedication. This organization has had situations in the past where they have been accused of coddling players. Remember the Playstations in the training camp rooms controversy?

I have no doubt Matty was hard to get along with and many didn’t like him, but I would bet the truth is somewhere in the middle, meaning I don’t doubt there were a few players who didn’t want to work as hard as their coach asked them to. I wouldn’t think Matty asked players to do more than what the Patriots organization had been asking of their players. Didn’t we hear a couple Patriot players when they came here defend Matty and say he was asking no more of the players here than he had asked if the Patriots players?.


This is what makes me nervous about all the Harbaugh interest. I seem to remember a similar outing from him with the 49ers. Seems like a lot of players quit on him and then he was fired and went to Michigan. He did have success his first few seasons though, I just find it all too similar to what is going on right now with the Lions.

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It seems he thought humiliation was an efficient motivator. It’s not of course.

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I am fully on board with the firings. That said, when it comes to A’Shawn, he is getting 9.5M guaranteed and has delivered a whopping 2 games, 3 combined tackles, 0 sacks and 1 QB hit. Meanwhile Penisini as a 6th round rookie has played in all 11 games, has 19 combined tackles, 1 sack and 2 TFLs. He’s making 653K and 171K guaranteed. Quinn 1, A’Shawn 0. Sorry.


I thought Patricia and Quinn deserved one more opportunity in 2020 now that they had “their” guys. The writing was on the wall that the end was coming for these guys as they just didn’t win enough period. But I thought maybe, just maybe, they are right and that former Lion players were the issue.

Nope. Turns out the issue WAS the coaching staff overall. I am cool saying that as now we know. And when Quinn was brought back with Patricia it was clear they each had a mandate to win now. They lost and they are out.

He came to an organization that was off back to back 9-7 season and 2 playoff berths in 4 years. Caldwell treated his players like men and never cursed at them. Patricia came to Detroit making the wrong assumption that the culture needed to be destroyed and then rebuilt. You are not going to succeed if you come into an organization with a good culture…a family culture…and shit all over it. Call your best players the “c” word and the “F” word. Call people unprofessional and then show up 15-30 minutes late for meetings. He miscalculated and tried to overcome it but he couldn’t. It also didn’t help that he couldn’t coach. People who observed practices would say “either he is trying to put people in bad situations to coach them and see them overcome or he doesn’t know what the hell he is doing and he can’t coach” the game film showed that it was the latter. So the guy came in acting like he was a top dog with no respect and then trashed the team and was a hypocrite. Good Riddance.


Me too brother…

We’ve had our season in the wilderness… time for some milk and honey!!


This is the difference between a turnaround and a top notch org. Those guys he brought over joined a long winning tradition, with buy in permeating the org, with great results flowing like milk and honey. It’s pretty easy to buy in and actually pretty hard to not buy in under those circumstances.

Those guys didn’t jump into a floating dumpster fire as rookies or young players. Slay and Diggs didn’t either, they actually walked into a level of success, then were told that their achievements were dog shit, that they were punks and that Godtricia was so brilliant that if you dare question his assholishness, YOU are the problem.

F that guy, that’s what a LOT of guys said after the God Emperor of Doof turned out to be a gigantic fraud, and as it got worse the more cognitively dissonant he became, pointing fingers instead of evaluating his failure and changing.

Terrible, awful, trashfire of a leader. Just the Worst. Hope he ends up selling hot dogs from a cart outside the stadium.



This is probably my biggest issue… the walking in and insulting and name calling.

Horrible business venture for a person that is 200 lbs overweight


This was… not a mystery. When it happens once, there’s a good chance you’ve got a player with an attitude problem. When it happens over and over and over again, with all your veterans and best players, including a team captain that you gave an extension to mere weeks ago, you don’t have to be psychic to read the tea leaves.

Matt Patricia was the problem. He was always the problem. He was a shit coach and even shittier leader who had no business running a professional organization—of any kind, anywhere. Dumping every vet in the building to replace them with has-beens and yes men, just because they were the only ones who could tolerate the head coach, was never going to result in winning. The only mystery is why some folks refused to believe what was right in front of their eyes for so long.


I believe, because some of those guys, that can’t see it, if given the chance, would act just like him. If they could get away with it, they’d treat people like trash too. You can tell by how some treat people in this forum.


Yeah it’s hard to find a worst head coach then Marnelli but we did. 2 of the worst coaches in history and they both coach the Lions . :thinking:

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At least Rod is a decent human being.


It’s one thing to be a bad leader. It’s another to be bad and be a penis doing it. That’s the kind of karma that no one should want.

Yet, here we are…I wonder how the players will come to work now. I’d love to be a fly, with a mask on, in the building tomorrow.

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IOWA is getting sued for $22 mill by former players because that’s how their conditioning coach operated. Chris Doyle was the highest paid conditioning coach in college football, and he was effective, he was also a dinosaur. These players are also claiming they had racial insults but I would be very surprised to see any of that, in the end it’s some guys who didn’t make it to the pro’s and are looking for a handout. Oh yeah, they also complained that IOWA didn’t do enough to help them get into the pro’s, yeah because that’s what college coaches want to tell recruits that we don’t put people in the pro’s. Patricia reminds me of the guy who said, “I didn’t come here to make friends”, and everyone replied, “Then you’re in the right place.”

Make that 3.

ALLEN PARK, Mich. – Marty Mornhinweg was fired as coach of the Detroit Lions on Monday after a 3-13 season, the second-worst record in the NFL.

Detroit was 5-27 under Mornhinweg over the last two seasons, including a road record of 0-16. The Lions lost their last eight games this season, and only Cincinnati finished with a worse record.

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