A'Shawn to the Rams

2 yrs, $17 mil

Good for him, frankly I didn’t think he’d get that much.

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Me either. That’s an excellent payday for him. He’ll get plenty of 1-on-1’s with Donald drawing all of the attention. If they’re trying to replace Brockers, though, I’m afraid this isn’t going to cut it.


Yep, more than I expected him to get. Lots of good DTs out there still. Crazy. Good for him.

I think Shelton is a better player right now.


Me either. If he plays to his potential that is a good deal for LA. If he plays part time like he did here he wont get the 2nd year of his deal. Be interesting to see what is guaranteed. I am guessing not too much. Most of 1st year is my guess.

Bring in Mr. Suh.

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Great pay day for him. I personally wish he stayed but I believe Sheldon is a better player

Question remains…where does his younger brother B’Shawn get drafted?


The Lions found out A’Shawn was 36 and was AWOL from the witness protection program when he wound up in Alabama.


That deal for Shelton has aged even better in 12 hours