Ask Kyle: How likely is a contract extension for Lions guard Jonah Jackson?

I think he’s gone. There’s too many GMs out there who are just waiting to get fleeced


Jonah is a tough one. We have discussed it a lot over the past few months. Martin’s new deal with the Cowboys is paying him 18 mill per season, Jonah and his agent are about to get paid one way or another, possibly in Detroit or elsewhere. Paying a guard 15-20 million per season is a lot of dough.


yeah as i said

Martin deal would outline how a Jonah Deal will look like

if he has another pro bowl year we are prolly looking near/ around the martin contract


What is the guard franchise tag costing

Cause its specifically Oline

Its 18mil, which is Martins contract

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Yuck… bye jonah

Martin is a 6-time All-Pro. Jackson has made a single Pro Bowl.

Martin’s contract is not the baseline for Jackson. Though, there are a lot of bad contracts thrown around in the NFL.


2024 projected OL tag is $21.5m

I think hed take under 10m per. For 5 years

I agree tough but teams have no chance with mediocre line play. We would really have to count on Sorsdal to be great next season. Given our current situation, I would be more incline to pay him.


Good point! Martin is also going to turn 33 this season, so yes he’s been a beast in his career but his best years are probably behind him. Whereas Jonah is just entering his prime. I think the bidding war starts at 15 mill per season.

Jonah is not as good as Lindstrom, but he signed a five-year, $105 million contract. Over 20 mill per.


Can tag him for a year if need be.

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Disagree that he’s gone, the rest I get.

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This is the beauty of having a good GM. No way would I pay JJ more than $13 m / yr. Brad needs to find a OG in round 2 / 3 and plug him in. We have more valuable guys we need to sign in the upcoming years.


Then you start reaching and drafting for need. That sets you back imo


If he does that I’d welcome him back. But I wouldn’t spend big money on Jonah. Take the comp pick at that point.


You can’t pay everyone. Jonah is good but unless a guy is a perennial pro bowler I would hesitate to overpay for an OG. Should be an easier position to replace than most.


I suppose the hope would be that sorsdal can fill the gap at either lg or rg, and we invest in some interior guys in the draft and free agency as most of our guards will be new next year.

I’m just going to enjoy this season with Jackson and see what happens. I trust this front office to have a handle on what a contract with him should look like, have a plan B in place, and basically keep this thing chugging in the right direction.

I imagine there’s plenty of players out there that could view playing between Decker and Ragnow and Sewell as being a true career booster that’s worth taking an undervalue contract for a year. Success always pays well.

I think a lot of folks are locked in to the idea that it’s Jonah or an anointed draft pick as replacement options, I tend to think there’s plenty of options on the mercenary market that can be better options

The cap is going to rise substantially over the next few seasons. It’s why you see QB’s getting $50 million and WR’s getting $30. Paying Jonah isn’t going to be as hard as some of you think.