At Broncio Game

No offense…great defense. Opposite of our crew.

At least Lions games are entertainig from a scoring, perspective, but we still need to win some fricken games.

Just funny sitting here watching opposite day.


Start of the second half


great venue!

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Roger that!

It’s amazing out here tonight!..with the exception of offense. Mercy it’s bad


Colts found a kicker after season started. Thats guy lions should have signed


Russell Wilson doesn’t seem like the same player he was a few years ago.


Welcome to my “anti-Russ” train….

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I hear you. I haven’t been as impressed with him since he’s been here as I…and many hete had hoped.

Sometimes…like this last throw to the endzone it llooks like he’s “wish and a prayer” chucking it.

BTW, I ran into a Lions fan wearing a Goff jersey.

So cool!!!


That’s funny considering someone claimed the other day that there were no Goff jersey’s at Ford Field.

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I kept Michael Pittman on one of my fantasy teams thinking that with Matt Ryan I’d get Julio Jones. Instead I got Jim Jones.


I should have taken a picture

I’m telling you. Wilson is just chucking it…


Kwitty Paye gertting carted off. That sucks.

Browning is having an incredible night.

He isn’t anything close to the guy he was at Ohio State. He’s much better. This is really my first time watching him in depth since college and he has made a lot of strides in his game. He was always very talented but struggled to put it together.

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He’s been a key player in this game for sure. My neighbor, who brought me to the game, said this is his first game playing on the outside. He typically plays middle for the Broncos.

Two offsides…but that’s from trying to time the snaps.

Time out San Diego…LMFAO!!!

He’s not. He has been showing everyone that for years.

Are we reeeeeally sure Elway didnt sign him?


Shitgun …goalline WTF!!!