At least we don't have this guy as our Head Coach

Fans hilariously slam Eagles coach Nick Sirianni for his systems rant in first news conference

Ryan Young

Ryan Young


Fri, January 29, 2021, 5:21 PM

The Philadelphia Eagles officially introduced Nick Sirianni as their next head coach on Friday, and it, uh, did not go that well.

Sirianni was hired by the Eagles last week after three seasons with the Indianapolis Colts as their offensive coordinator. The 39-year-old will take over for Doug Pederson, who was fired after five seasons and a Super Bowl run with the franchise.

While Sirianni didn’t say anything bad, there was a time when he seemed to struggle to get his message across.

Sirianni went on a long-winded rant about systems and what he hoped to implement in Philadelphia. It was as if Sirianni had started his sentence without knowing where he was going, and was just hoping to find it along the way.

“Next thing that’s very important to me is that we build a smart football team, that we have a smart football team here, and I know we have the people in place to do that,” he said. “The first part of being smart is knowing what to do. We’re going … we’re going to know … we’re going to have systems in place that are easier to learn, alright? Complicated to the defense or offense that they’re going against, or the special teams group they’re going against, but easy for us to learn. Because when we can learn our system, and we can get good at our system, then our talent can take over. Less thinking equals talent take over. But we need to have systems in place, and we will have systems in place to do so.”

Fans slam Sirianni for his ‘systems’ talk

What kind of “systems” will Sirianni and the Eagles have next year?

Who knows. Looking back at what he said, it was hard to pull anything concrete out of that coach speak.

Fans, obviously, took notice.

A few words from your new head football coach

— Charlotte Wilder (@TheWilderThings) January 29, 2021

Chalk it up to nerves or whatever you want. Sirianni’s introductory press conference could be soon forgotten.

Until then, though, Eagles fans apparently have plenty of great new systems to look forward to this fall.

Fans had plenty of jokes after Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni’s opening media conference. (Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

Patrick Creighton


Watch Sirianni say they’re going to be a smart football team and then act like he’s only learned how to speak last week. #Eagles.

Adam Lefkoe


You’ve got to be kidding me

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2:31 PM · Jan 29, 2021



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I’m guessing that the static 4-man rush of Schwartz’s defense is what’s led to this being a point of emphasis for the new HC. Of course, he bobbled the delivery (I can relate), but if you try to understand what he’s saying, that’s what I think he’s getting to.

Would you rather your first time coach get nervous during the presser and talk about implementing systems or biting off knee caps? :thinking:


Knee caps


Knee caps, and it isn’t that hard of a decision. I get your point, but here is how I see it. Both guys are nervous, and let’s face it, they are posturing for the crowd.

With the “systems” speech, it’s clear there is no direction here. We are going to come up with systems, that are easy to learn and implement but hard for the opposing team to figure out. So, are they easy, or hard? That’s a straight contradiction. If it’s easy to learn, isn’t it then easy for everyone to learn?

To me, his speech is a lot like Charlie Weiss when he left New England and went to Notre Dame. Weis declared that his teams would have a “schematic advantage” over other teams. What did that mean? Ultimately, nothing. Weis was a mess at ND, even though it’s a college that can hand pick recruits and Weis carried the credibility of being a Super Bowl winning offensive coordinator who trained Tom Brady.

Contrasting, Campbell said his team was going to fight. If they get knocked down, they are going to get back up, and bite off a kneecap on the way. Basically he is saying, our players are going to play hard, and even if you knock us down, we will take a piece of you with us, we will get back up and keep fighting. At least there is a plan here. He is acknowledging, the team may get knocked down, but overall they will keep fighting and they will fight until the last man. They will wear you out, and turn games into a battle of attrition. You may win battles, but you will still fight a war.

We all know, these are only words. It’s all going to depend on wins at the end of the day. Part of being a head coach, and being a leader that people respect, is knowing what to say and who to say it to. Dan Campbell knew Detroit fans/media wanted to hear that he knows people pick on Detroit, he is sick of it, and he will build a team of guys who are sick of it and willing to stand up for itself. Campbell was prepared for his speech, clearly picking points of emphasis and let his nervous energy come out in the form of passion.

Sirianni was also clearly nervous, but his nerves came out with panic, and he clearly lost his train of thought. If you are a player, and crunch time hits, which guy are you listening to? The guy who says “Guys, I know this is rough, but we aren’t just going to lay here and get beat. Go out there and do anything you can to stop them. I don’t care if you have to bite a kneecap off.” Or the guy who says “Guys, I know it’s rough out there. Ummm, remember your systems!”


Did Bob Quinn write that?

A lot of conjecture in there… I think you’re seeing things through a Honolulu Blue lense

I’m also going to throw my hat in the ring for knee cap guy

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A. I understood completely what Sirianni was saying there.

B. No way that was more cringeworthy than the Campbell kneecaps thing.

C. It’s just a-hole Eagles fans being a-hole Eagles fans.

D. “Being dazzling in your news conferences” is low on my list of priorities for a coach or GM.


But biting knee caps has a direction?

I see little difference in the two. Philly is just a tough crowd.

Not really. - Something can be easy (or simple) to learn but in truth be very difficult and complicated to do. For example to stop smoking or to lose weight.

When your good at something it feels rather easy for you but to an outsider it seems very difficult and complicated. That’s all he’s saying. “We’re going to be good at making our easy to learn defense look complicated.”

I don’t ever recall seeing this much media coverage over two introductory Head Coach press conferences.

First the Campbell "kneecap’ hype and then this, at times, awkward Sirianni conference. It will be interesting to watch the Eagles and Lions going forward, considering the juxtaposition of these two coaches and their introduction to the Head Coaching world.

You have to be a good public speaker to be a Head Coach and do weekly pressers and interviews.
Neither Campbell or Sirianni shown they can do this aspect of the job very eloquently…oh well, at least Campbell is getting some good coaches around him.

What is Pat Mcafee’s reaction to A.J. Hawks comments on MC/DC (@ the 1:49 mark)?

I re-watched it a few times and can’t figure out what is was that Hawk said. Curious on everyone’s thoughts.

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uh I think Cambpell proved he can talk from his press conf… Whether it’s “eloquent” is another matter.

Hawk said “I think we have Motor City Dan Campbell to thank for this.”

Hawk was saying that since Campbell’s speech was so intense, that Sirianni was trying to match that intensity and enthusiasm and ended up stumbling over his words and essentially cracking a bit under pressure.

They are saying everything we are. At the end of the day, the only thing that is going to matter is results. Since all we have to go on right now is individual press conferences, it’s clear that more people responded with Dan Campbell’s speech than they do with Sirianni’s. If Philly starts 5-0 and Detroit starts 0-5, Sirianni is going to be the calm steady influence and Campbell is just a meathead mouth breather who was ranting and raving. If Detroit starts 5-0 and Philly starts 0-5, people will say Campbell’s fire and enthusiasm is clearly working, and Sirianni clearly wasn’t ready for the job and his press conference should’ve been a clue here.

It’s all just ways people have to get clicks and sell papers right now. I know I got accused of wearing some Blue tinted glasses, which is funny for most who know me here, I am a results person. If you ask me to judge a press conference, I am saying I’d follow a Campbell before I’d follow a Sirianni. If Campbell said something stupid, I’d say he said something stupid. I think Sirianni said something stupid, so I am saying as such.

I was reading Philly’s news, and they are all saying sure Sirianni didn’t have a great opening presser. Neither did Petersen. You know who did have a great opening presser? Chip Kelly, and look where that got them. That’s how i see it. Dan Campbell to me showed why people call him likeable and relatable. Sirianni to me showed someone who may not be quite ready for the bright lights. Both scenarios can easily change by August/September.

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Erin Andrews made this guy nervous

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Add on note. This is coming from someone who once said “Badass” in an interview for a job I really wanted. They asked me a history question and I got a little carried away. As soon as I said it, I apologized, looked around the room and knew the interview was over right then and there. Everyone can mess up under pressure. Some people can also learn to channel and thrive on it.

If you like your knee caps you should watch what you type in here

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Maybe he was the one who drilled the hole in the shower wall :man_shrugging: