Atlanta might not take a QB

Many many mocks showing they might not take a QB. Farley, then Sewell, then Slater. Interesting going to their message boards.

Not suprising at all. I had this months ago. Tell those mock guys to get on my level.

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Its all about clicks

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The Falcons & Matt Ryan are tied at the hip through the 2021 season:

I know that’s what I aspire to. It’s just not that easy; wanting and doing are two different things. :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

you mean chicks?!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The offense wasn’t the issue last year.

They even talking about taking Parsons.

I never thought they would take a QB either. They are basically in the same boat that the Lions were in last year.


If the Falcons really want a new QB, they’ll take one. The Eagles were able to get rid of Wentz even with his gigantic contract.

I am not saying they will/won’t take one.